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Would we have won SB in 2017 if there was no Chip Kelly?


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I know Chip gets a lot of flak but let's see what he DID do:


Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz, Nelson Agholor, Jordan Hicks

Traded Nick Foles for Sam Bradford, which got us Derek Barnett, and then we got Foles back anyway.

Hired Jeff Stoutland. 


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I mean... No we wouldn't have. Things would have played out very differently. We might have won the SB in 2016... Or 2018. We may have won the SB every year after the Chip firing or we could be sat here still with no SB.

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The question that you have to ask is, 'Would we have won the Super Bowl if Andy hadn't traded McNabb in 2010?'

McNabb wasn't going to ever win us a Super Bowl, but I believe that if he'd played out the next couple of years with the Eagles, Andy wouldn't have been fired when he was so Chip wouldn't have been hired when he was.

If Andy wasn't fired when he was, would he have tried to develop Nick longer than Chip did and not trade him to the Rams? Would Nick have even been picked if McNabb hadn't been traded?

So, the way I see it, Andy trading McNabb to the Redskins won two Super Bowls for two franchises. The Eagles and the Chiefs. Because if Andy wasn't fired when he was, the Chiefs don't hire him. 

Chip was (and likely still is), a moron and there were a few moves that were made under his time that helped us, but let's not give him too much credit where it isn't warranted. 

Yes, he was the head coach in 2013 when Ertz and Lane were drafted, but it was Howie that was the GM and was in charge of the draft in 2013 and 2014. Kelly didn't get that control until 2015. 

Chips draft: Nelson Agholor, Eric Rowe, Jordan Hicks, JaCorey Shepherd, JaCorey Shepherd, Randall Evans and Brian Mihalik. All gone within 5 years. 

I think that the biggest contribution that Kelly made was trading McCoy. We used what we got there (a ham sandwich), to propel us forward in the 2016 draft to get Carson and while a lot of people seem to 'hate' Carson now, he was 100% key in getting us the Lombardi in 2017. 

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The ONLY question is, would the eagles have won the super bowl without NICK FOLES?

Doesn't matter what kelly did, what howie did or what anybody else in the organization did.

Signing Foles with his attitude, his confidence and his ability to be ready in those high pressure late season games, and 3 playoff games that the eagles were unprecedented home underdogs.   He brought the team back to beat the rams after wentz got hurt, then he beat the giants and the raiders to lock up home field advantage.

All the while, philly fans were moaning and groaning about how he wasn't an elite QB and didn't "play great" in those 3 games.  And the whining continued after beating the Falcons in the first playoff game.  Nobody gave him a chance against the Vikings and absolutely nobody gave him a change against Brady and the Pats.

2018 Super Bowl Champion..Philadelphia Eagles......SB MVP Nick "philly philly" Foles.

NOTHING was more instrumental in the eagles winning the super bowl than signing Nick Foles that year.

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