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3 Philadelphia Eagles whose demotions are long overdue


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3 Philadelphia Eagles whose demotions are long overdue


It’s time for the Philadelphia Eagles to value winning over being right.

Even if you disagreed with the strategy, you have to admit that you understand where it comes from. We’ve all lost track of how long we’ve watched so many of the underachieving members of this Philadelphia Eagles roster gobble up playing time (and fail to produce) while guys who were hungrier or better stood on the sideline.

The reason? Well, as it often does in any business, the decision came down to money. Howie Roseman invested a lot of Jeffrey Lurie‘s cash into draft picks who didn’t pan out and high-profile free-agent signings that were just as bad and, sometimes, even worse.

We hate to kick guys while they’re down, but enough is enough. Winning and being a competitive football team has to be valued over being right.


Okay, this didn’t work. How many of you would sign up for a job in the NFL if you knew you could stack $2.5 million and slide by tallying five tackles or less? Yep! That’s what we thought!

15 games are gone in the Eagles’ 2021-2022 regular season, and Ryan Kerrigan, who gave the Birds so many fits as a member of the Washington Football Team, hasn’t produced a single sack.

Once seen as a nice addition to what would be a great Eagles defensive end rotation all season, many of the snaps that were once given to Kerrigan are now seemingly going to Tarron Jackson. That’s okay with us. It’ will be nice to see what the rookie has down the stretch, and frankly, if we didn’t see Kerrigan at all down the stretch, we’d be fine.



The Philadelphia Eagles won’t deactivate Jalen Reagor, but it would be nice if we saw him less.

If you didn’t know anything about the Philadelphia Eagles and you were looking for a take on Jalen Reagor‘s approval rating, this would be it.

You know how you get that warm and fuzzy feeling every time you think of Brian Dawkins or Jason Kelce? Well, any time Birds fans watch Jalen Reagor play, the reaction is totally the opposite.

Sure, he flashes from time to time. There was that punt return in Green Bay versus the Packers in 2020 and a decent catch versus the New York Jets in the first half of Week 13’s game this season (even though that’s long been forgotten following two huge drops on the final drive). Still, a decent catch and a nice punt return versus a lowly New York Giants team do not an elite receiver make.

Jalen Reagor won’t be given up on by the Eagles any time soon, even though they even realized they were getting nothing out of him in the return game and took the kick-return duties from him (that’s Kenneth Gainwell’s job now it seems).

Reagor has been abhorrent. There’s no nice way to say it. He’s so bad that we’ve, more often than not, forgotten about our disdain for JJ Arcega-Whiteside. That’s saying something.

Unfortunately, his benching doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight. One, again, the leadership is stubborn. They invested a first-round pick in this guy and have issued a stern order stating that they want him utilized and on the field. Second, Philly has nothing to replace him with. Seriously, what are they going to do? Are they going to put John Hightower on the field?

We’re stuck with Reagor for a while folks!


Aaron Moorehead is failing the Philadelphia Eagles as the team’s WR coach.

There may not be another Eagles-centric publication that’s dedicated more time to the Aaron Moorehead watch than this one. Hey, that’s why we’re here. Somebody has to do the jobs no one else wants to sometimes.

Here’s something that you need to know. This Eagles coaching staff loves Aaron Moorehead. His players love him. From all accounts, it appears that Aaron Moorehead is a pretty cool guy. He’s someone that we’d love to get a beer with. He’s someone that you can drop your kids off with and not have to worry about whether or not they’re in good hands.

The problem with Aaron Moorehead however is this. His players don’t get better. Say what you want about Mike Groh. He was a horrible offensive coordinator, but he was a heck of a wide receivers coach. Did you see the impact that he had on Nelson Agholor?

Meanwhile, Moorehead’s stock is falling, and no one noticed. Name one wide receiver that the Eagles have employed that got better under Moorehead’s watch. You can’t do it, can you?

Now, name a wide receiver that’s teetered around average or has gotten worse. There’s Nelson Agholor, John Hightower, Greg Ward, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, and Jalen Reagor. Did you see how easy that was?

Perhaps, rather than dismiss every wide receiver by just throwing out overused statements like ‘he’s a bust’ or ‘he sucks’, maybe it’s time to point the fingers at the guys that get paid to coach them up.

Sure, DeVonta Smith is a rising star, and Quez Watkins has shown he can be a great NFL wide receiver, but frankly folks, that has to do more with Smith and Watkins’ moxie than anything Moorehead is doing. It’s time to get this guy out of here and add someone who can get the most out of this group.


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4 minutes ago, Perforator said:

They forgot the big papi, Howie Roseman whose demotion is long overdue.

I was going to mention the same ... Roseman should be #1 on that list.  

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4 hours ago, time2rock said:

I was going to mention the same ... Roseman should be #1 on that list.  

If only it were that easy to nail that escape artist...





Philadelphia Eagles: Howie Roseman Works His Magic

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