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Fire Gannon and hire Vic Fangio!


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Nobody is getting fired from the eagles coaching staff......just stop with this crap.

The eagles had plenty of issues on both sides of the ball this year.....but they got better as the year wore on.....and this flawed, confusing and unpredictable team just made the playoffs.  

The eagles went from 4-11-1 last year to 9-8, made the playoffs and they're developing a good chemistry.  The culture is good, they play hard and they have cap room and a sh-- load of draft picks.  They're in a position to really emerge next year as a top flight super bowl contender.

So the best way to derail that progression is to start making overemotional changes.   Bringing in yet another DC, which would be the 3rd in 3 years, with another scheme, would be simply stupid right now.

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