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1st Draft


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I'm going to do a 5 round draft for some fun as I'm both hyped for Sunday and the off season.  I'm not going to engage in trade scenarios though I believe the Eagles are going to do what they can to turn one of the 1st rounders in to a 2023 1st rounder.  For now, I'll use all the picks we currently have.

I'm also going going to do one draft that fulfills my draft dreams and another that tries to presume what the Eagles will do.

I'm making a few assumptions for these 2 drafts:

1. No QBs drafted in the top 14 picks.

2. Besides the known top players that will be picked before #15 I'm assuming Gardner, Linderbaum, Leal, and Ojabo will also be picked before #15.


15- D. Lloyd - LB Utah

16. McCreary - CB Auburn (thought about both Hall and Brisker here as Safety is a need too.)

19. J. Johnson- DE Florida State

51. L. Cline-Safety Georgia (assuming Brisker, Hall and Battle all gone)

83. G. Pickens WR - Georgia

121. R. White- RB Arizona

153. W. McClendon - OT Georgia

161. J. Amour-Davis - CB Alabama

166. L. Cheval-LB Wisconsin



15. J. Davis-DT Georgia

16. T. Penning- OT Northern Iowa

19. J. Johnson -DE Fl. Sate

51. C. Harris- LB Alabama

83. J. Pitre- Safety Baylor

121. E. Ekiyor - G Alabama

153. J. Cook- RB Georgia

161. L. Krull - TE Pitt

166. J. Jobe  - CB Alabama





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If they would ever draft a LB  early 1st, the Ute would be my choice as well.

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Nice - I'd be happy with this. 

Here's some food for thought -


  • with all our needs I don't think 2 linebackers are in the cards.
  • I believe it's Cine not Cline
  • If Gardner, McDuffie, Stingley, and Elam are gone McCreary is the pick, but I think one of them will be available
  • Pickens is a new name for this forum. Are you happy with his 4.53 speed?
  • I only think we need an OT if we trade Dillard
  • I agree we need another RB bigger than Scott and Gainwell given Sanders' injury history. Don't want to 2nd guess but I think this is a bit high for White
  • Love the Armour-Davis pick


  • I'd be very upset drafting an OT in the 1st round. We have the 2nd team all-pro in Johnson and Mailata so he'd be a 1st round backup
  • The guard would also be a disappointment. With Dickerson, Seumalo, Driscoll, Clark, Herbig and Opeta there just isn't a need
  • Except for Jobe, I'd pull my hair our from pick 121 down.

Thanks, interesting read. 


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Thanks for the feedback.  I do think we will trade Dillard.  Or at least try to up until the trade deadline.  I like Driscoll in a back up role but he can't stay healthy, yet, and I assume  Lane will miss games each season.  Hence taking a tackle.

Honestly, if Kenyon Green is there at 15, presuming we hold on to that pick, I'd be thrilled.  Put him at RG and be happy.  I'd prefer him to Linderbaum.

I wanted Robinson, Jr. at RB in the 5th but he was gone in my mock.  

I like Pickens.  Speed is worrisome but not a deal killer so to speak.  In retrospect I do think 3rd is too early for him.



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