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First mock attempt (+ 2023 1st, 2nd)

Texas Eagle

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Trade! Trade! Trade! Unlimited trades with this tool.

Lots of Defense in your picks. Load it up.

No QB...I like QB. Others not so much.

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4 hours ago, UK_EaglesFan89 said:

Hmm no DE though... I don't love it. I like some of the moves for sure but I don't love it. 

Myjai Sanders is a DE, but he's a reach at 50 IMO, dude had 2.5 sacks last year and is a liability against the run, I have no idea why he's being ranked as a second rounder, beyond the scouting fraternity expecting him to build on 7 sacks in the previous season, he appeared on a lot of pre season lists as a big prospect but he never fulfilled that.

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Still 3 picks in the 1st round.

3 players getting first round money and contract years.

If we're gonna trade down to 32, why not trade to 33 or 34 and pay second round money?

I am for using our picks for best player available or trading 2 firsts+ to trade up for a QB in top 5 picks.

I do like the idea of loading up with 2023 picks, but we need premium players now.

I think your plan yields a huge volume of players in second rounders this year and all those 2023 picks.

If Howie pulled this off, I imagine I would be somewhat frustrated (c'mon,pick my guy, don't trade down), but look at all the top 50-60 ranked players that would be in camp.

A couple of these trades hurt my head if you follow the trade to 28 and then flipping most of what we received to trade down to 32, netting a 2023 1st and 2023 2nd in the process. Then we give Atlanta a fist full of picks this year and move down from 51 to 58 for a 2023 4th rounder (no, thank you).

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these trades make no sense you traded from 28 to 52 only to trade all the way back up 4 picks later!!!! and in the fact that basically what you did was move down 4 spots and turn a 4th round pick next year into a 2nd round pick next year i don’t see it as possible. 


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The tool let's you trade like crazy.

Sometimes the simulation gives you great trade options, other times no.

Sometimes the simulation drops a player in our laps. Most times that player is picked ahead of us.

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Texas Eagle, welcome to the mock forum. 

I've gone through dozens of simulations on that site and come up with very similar results.

I hope Howie does do a lot of trading down. On defense, we need 2 S, a CB (or 2), 2 DE, a DT, and a LB (or 2). That's 7 to 9 spots to fill. On offense - a RB (or 2), A WR (or 2), a QB, a TE (with Jackson's injury), and maybe a center. That's another 4 to 7 slots for a total of 11 to 16. Let's take the midpoint 13.5 and then figure on 2 FA signings leaving 12 (11.5) or 13 (12.5). We have 10 draft picks and need more. 

I don't know when you did your sim, but I think Patterson is going back to school. Too bad, I;d love to have had him on the board. 

I cannot explain how grateful I am for the past three and a half years at this university and what it has done for me on and off the field.

So let’s do it one more time 🍀 pic.twitter.com/rj0oPuIBXk

— Jarrett Patterson (@jpattND) January 9, 2022


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