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Pre-Combine: Ghost in the Machine:


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15:  Gardner CB

16: Walker UGA (DL)

19: Strong QB

Rd.2:  Raimann OT C.Mich.

Rd.3: Muma LB Wyoming

Rd.4: Iowa State DT whose name I can't spell (*O something or other.)

Rd.5: Robinson RB (Bama)

Rd.5: Ross WR Clemson

Rd.5: Blankenship S (Mid. Tennessee)

Rd.6: Thompson CB (Texas)

Rd.7: Evans RG (Bama)


* Just staying put and working with the Eagles' traditional priorities & philosophies.

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Really not a fan of drafting a qb in round 1 this year, maybe at all. Walker has continued to climb up draft boards but I think there will be better value at that spot and howie is good at hitting on lineman later in the drafts (josh sweat, milton williams, jordan mailata, etc). Im not so sure Ross will be there in the 5th either. If he is that would be a huge steal. Its hard to tell how complete the team would be without an offseason/free agency as well.

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