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Senior Bowl Week Mock Draft


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Let Go/ Release/ Retire

J-J Whiteside- a very nice hardworking kid that just doesn’t have the talent to be more than a deep reserve and it’s sad because we spent a 2nd round pick on him. I hope he can resurrect his career somewhere else

Brandon Brooks- we all see he is retired and the best of luck to his endeavors.

Steve Nelson - a good player that was only here to play for a year and while I would like him back to a degree he most likely will sign for more money elsewhere. 

Jordan Howard- I love the style and effort he plays with but he has been hurt quite a bit and I believe he could return closer to TC if we need him because the last two season his stock has dwindled down to nothing.

Hassan Ridgeway - a serviceable player but the kid Marvin Wilson looks like he is already a better player when he was against the Cowboys and plus the draft has a ton of talent. He too has been injured a lot.

Greg Ward - I love him as a Eagle but he constantly gets overlooked and I see another team signing him and give him more snaps and money than we will even attempt.

Ryan Kerrigan - playoff Ryan would have been nice during the season but he will not be back.

Alex Singleton - a try hard player that just misses too many tackles. He’s always around the ball but he also makes a ton of mistakes. 

Anthony Harris - injured season and never really stood out in any game. Average player that can be upgraded.

Genard Avery- down the end of the season he seemed to get consistent and started to flash and make plays, however I don’t see him as a true fit for this defense. Besides Johnson isn’t too far behind in production and he was a late 7th round pick. 
New Contracts/ Extensions 

Boston Scott - 2 years 4.25 million (1.5 guaranteed) Every single time we have needed to rely on him he has never let us down. He has power vision and playmaking ability in the run and pass game. He also plays special teams and is a hell of a leader.

Nate Herbig 3 years 6.5 million (950K Guaranteed) he has been our glue whenever our offensive line starts to get injured and he can play all three interior positions well. He is smart, powerful, and his body is getting more and more fluid due to him continuing to work on his body. Good player.

Marcus Epps 1 year 2.25 (780Kguaranteed) - ever since we claimed the kid off waivers all’s he has done is consistently get better and has developed into the best safety we have now. He finally deserves a real chance to be a starter and if he proceeds to show up like he has he can get a even bigger contract next season with multiple years 

Brett Toth 1 year 950K 130 guaranteed ( The former army vet really has developed into a solid backup. He is coming off a injury and needs to rehab but he has value here and needed to be resigned.He is a great role model and has now proven he can be a solid contributor. He plays LT LG and RT. If he was healthy and needed to start in place of someone I would feel pretty solid he would be able to hold up against most foes and do a good job.


Jalen Raegor  to the Colts for a conditional 2023 5th round pick - We all know he needs to go and he did have a better season with Carson than he did with Hurts. The Colts need more speed and maybe he can embrace the change and turn into something with Carson and Frank. If he did his talent would complement Pittman on the other side. 

Andre Dillard to the Jaguars along with our 6th for Myles Jack.
The Jaguars need a LT but I doubt they want to spend their 1st overall pick on a player who isn’t worthy. Now they can have their LT and now draft Aiden Hutchinson. The Eagles finally get the playmaker we have all been asking for at LB. A 2 way player at UCLA where he was a beast at both RB and LB and I could see is actually using him in a couple situations at RB as well near the goal line. He is a excellent and forceful tackles and can cover some of the best TEs the league has to offer which is something we desperately need. The Jags are going to completely turn the roster around so expect some good talent to be traded like him away. 

Miles Sanders to the Lions for their 3rd the Eagles trade one of their 5ths as well. Duce was a big fan of Miles and he really needs a true playmaker at the position. The Eagles know he is a very talented back but with injuries and some fumbles they are okay with letting him walk and getting some compensation in return before he signs somewhere else next season. 

Free Agents 

D.J Charke - 1 year 12 million (6.5 guaranteed)a outstanding young talent that was hurt with a broken ankle four games into this year. Has already been to the Pro Bowl with mediocre play around him. Is tall long physical and fast. Would be a perfect complement to DeVonte Smith. He is extremely well on crossing routes and skinny posts as well as 9s DeVonte can work the sidelines like he masterfully does while Chark does more of the physical work to complement each other well. Quez will also rotate jn at the X and slot and Charke and him can interchange to find weaknesses against the defense . Even if Shenault and D.J are here Quez will still have a huge role and be a big part of the offense. 


Terrell Edmunds S 3 years 18 million 8.6 guaranteed Fast physical and instincts. He is a solid player that hasn’t ever had a break yout year but he also hasn’t ever had a down year either. Has been durable and productive against both the run and pass. He is more of a playmaker than McCleod ever was and better  in pass coverage than him as well. Has the versatility to play nickel , dime LB FS and SS. He may never be a all pro but he could give us a pro bowl caliber years. The former VT alumni has found a home in Philly and lives closer to his brother in Buffalo 

Julian Davenport T 2 years 8 million 3 million guaranteed- will be our swing tackle and has started quite a bit jn the league. Isn’t a starting caliber player but is definitely a very good backup and who knows maybe Stoutland can turn him into a gem as well.

Kevin King  1 year 4 million (1.5 guaranteed)has been a huge disappointment but where he was drafted the Packers didn’t get a great return, maybe a change of scenery could help. Is exactly what Gannon wants in a corner, length, aggressive,  and can tackle. Will compete to start and try and blossom into the player he can be.

1st (15) Derek Stingley Jr CB LSU 6-1 195 Talk about talent he has it all talk about tape he has only a little. The classic boom or bust prospect that can be a huge home run or a glorified pitfall. JG and his strength is developing secondary talent and his is some of the best you will see but injuries and some inconsistencies drop him to mid round and Howie Roseman jumps at the high risk high reward players. I expect this however will be a great pick with Slay able to teach him and Gannons resume we could turn this secondary into a huge strength. 

16th  Jermaine Johnson DE FSU Strong Physical, Fast, and a excellent athlete. He has all the talent and the production to match Swear and Johnson two former Noles would make excellent teammates again. We tied 31sr in sacks which is abysmal especially for us. Eagles are known for their pass rush. Graham tore his Achilles and he no longer can be counted on as a true starter. Barnett is as good as gone.

19th Treylon Burk WR Arkansas- A physical freak at the position that can also help on so many things, sweeps screens can even play some RB. Think Cordarelle Patterson meets AJ Brown. Smith Charke Burk Watkins . There won’t be a better group of four in the game. Also would be a amazing return specialist. 

2nd Jordan Battle S Alabama - it’s time to bring some true homemade Eagles and leaders jn the secondary. Stingley Battle and Maddox can be key leaders for years to come even after Slay is gone. Battle is a great athlete and has natural instincts jn the back end, he knows route concepts well and can decipher information quickly and communicate. Explosive hitter and has the type of swagger needed to boost the defensive moral

3rd 65th pick from Jags Braden Smith LB Penn St we need talent , real talent at LB and Myles Jack and Smith will produce exactly that. Davion and Edwards also become excellent backups and we finally have the talent we have been hoping for.

3rd Isiah Spiller - big complete back that doesn’t have a ton of tread on his tires can hit the home run on get the two tough yards needed for a must get first down. Natural hands but wasn’t asked to catch a lot of balls. Does need work in pass pro

4th Travis Jones NT UCON  6-4 335 Lbs and has really good short area quickness for the size and weight he holds. We need someone to help take on double teams and help stop the run which we had a lot of trouble doing. Isn’t just a run stuffer though showed some natural pass rush skills for the huskies 

5th Cade Otton TE 6-6 240 4.7 great athlete and has natural hands. A try hard blocker but not his specialty. Good on special teams and would be a great #2 TE in the passing game and ass he adds to his frame he should get better jn the run game. In case Jackson isn’t ready or doesn’t develop we need a good option in the pass game in case Goedert was to get injured. 
5th Jeffrey Gunter DE Coastal Carolina- it worked well with Jackson from this school last season and now we add another with even more potential. Good size and speed and a non stop motor. Isn’t elite at any trait but is going to be a good and productive player for our rotation.



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