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Eagles land at No. 2 in a ranking of NFL offseason resources for 2022


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Eagles land at No. 2 in a ranking of NFL offseason resources for 2022

Glenn Erby 
February 17, 2022 2:56 pm ET

The Eagles will enter the 2022 NFL offseason with a ton of draft capital, salary cap space for free agency, and a roster stacked with talent in the trenches.

Philadelphia will have three first-round picks, a free agent group lacking huge production, the opportunity for about $32 million in cap space, and plenty of targets in free agency.

Over The Cap recently looked at the teams with the best offseason resources for 2022, and only the Jets are sitting in a better position.

The Jaguars, Browns, and Dolphins rounded out the top five, while Buccaneers, Cowboys, Bears, Chiefs, and Rams currently had the least amount of resources at this point in the offseason.

Dallas can create a ton of cap space by turning some of Dak Prescott’s upcoming salary into a bonus, while the Eagles are in a position to retool quickly and efficiently barring a meltdown from general manager Howie Roseman.


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The 2019 SF 49ers were 13-3 and went to the super bowl after going 4-12 the year before......the Bengals just lost a close super bowl after going 2-14 and 4-12 the 2 years before that.

In the NFL now, you can transform a team within 2 years to a serious contender.

The eagles had a grossly overrated defensive line this past year and will need significant upgrades there.....and the defense in general.

But they have a superior offensive line that will add even more talent this draft.

Like the article said, they have a load of high draft picks, significant cap space and even trade assets......

So this upcoming season depends on 2 things.....Howie taking advantage of the assets the eagles have, and Hurts developing as a passer.

If the eagles could have 2-3 young 2nd and 3rd year players step up and contribute like Taylor, Wallace, Williams and McPhearson, that could be a big boost too.

Hope springs eternal.....

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I'm not hopeful that Hurts will develop his passing game enough, it's up to him to prove me (and many others) wrong. My longer term concern with Howie's cap management is I think of it in terms of a mortgage. I view typical a typical team's cap situation sort of like a typical mortgage term - 15 or 20 years, perhaps 30 with an eye toward refinancing when there's more income (larger cap) in coming years. I regard the Eagles as having a 50 year mortgage, yes they have more money (cap space) now compared to other teams but other teams don't have the longer term obligations that the Eagles have so should have more cap space in coming years. Presumably Howie is counting on a rising cap, kind of like cheaper dollars due to inflation to make mortgage payments. Ain't my concern, just grab some popcorn and see how it plays out.

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