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My Eagles QB Big Board: Ranking the 6 best options


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My Eagles QB Big Board: Ranking the 6 best options


The Eagles have a tough, complicated decision to make at quarterback.

Do they make a move for a proven veteran, using their treasure-chest of draft picks to try to seriously compete for a Super Bowl next season? Do they stick with Jalen Hurts, hoping he improves next season while they build up the team around him? Or do they find their next franchise quarterback in the draft, trusting they can find a franchise-level talent to build around for years to come?

It might be the toughest decision Howie Roseman has had to make as general manager of the Eagles.

So what should he do?

Assuming all the options are on the table, here would be my ranking of the team’s options at quarterback:

1. Russell Wilson: Wilson is the perfect mixture of every other option on the board. He is younger than Aaron Rodgers. He is better than Jalen Hurts. He costs less (financially) than Kyler Murray. He doesn’t have the off-the-field issues Deshaun Watson does. He makes the Eagles instant Super Bowl contenders, but also gives them a window to win that isn’t just one-or-two years. Wilson will likely require all three first-round picks to acquire, and as much as that stings, there isn’t a price too high for elite quarterback play. Wilson had the 5th-best passer rating in the NFL last season, and behind the Eagles’ offensive line, he should be even better. Trade the picks for Wilson, add a legit veteran wide receiver opposite Devonta Smith, and the Eagles will enter next season as one of the best teams in the NFC.

2. Jalen Hurts: Hurts has been on quite the rollercoaster over the last year. He had, statistically, a much better year than most expected. He played a large role in getting the Eagles to the playoffs, a huge accomplishment considering they were projected to be one of the worst teams in the league. Still, despite a successful year by almost any measure, he enters this offseason with almost more questions about his future than there were last year. Hurts definitely has his flaws. His arm strength isn’t special. His inexperience lead to him looking bad in the pocket at some critical moments. The passing game just didn’t seem to consistently work with him at quarterback. The question the Eagles have to ask themselves is — are those last two issues a result of inexperience or problems that can’t be fixed? Bringing Hurts back as the team’s starting quarterback isn’t a bad outcome. There is a real chance he improves. But the Eagles would be taking a major risk if they pass on some of the elite quarterbacks available to take a chance on Hurts.

3. Draft a QB: Drafting a quarterback isn’t the most exciting option, but in some ways it is the option that has the highest ceiling. The Eagles won’t be immediate contenders with a rookie but if they find the right one they will open (at least) a three-year stretch of strong quarterback play at a cheap rate. That isn’t the case with any other option on the board. Drafting a quarterback will only take one first-round pick, leaving the other two first-round picks available to help build up the rest of the team. While the general feeling on this year’s draft is that there aren’t any franchise quarterbacks available, all that really matter is the Eagles’ evaluation. If they feel there is a quarterback in the draft with a higher upside than Hurts, drafting him and resetting the clock on having a quarterback on a rookie salary is a wise move.

4. Kyler Murray: Murray is a surprise addition to the list, as even just one month ago mentioning the possibility of him being available in a trade would have been seen as foolish. A few Instagram posts later, however, and it seems Murray might want out of Arizona. Murray is extremely talented, with the rocket arm the Eagles wish Hurts had and an elite ability to make plays out of the pocket. It isn’t often that a 24-year old quarterback with Murray’s skillset and experience becomes available. So why isn’t he higher? To start, Murray is looking to cash in big time with a new contract. It isn’t a stretch to say Murray could end looking for the biggest contract for a quarterback in NFL history — and he will all have the leverage to get that contract if the Eagles trade big assets to get him. As talented as Murray is, he is undersized and holds a 22-23-1 record as a starter, with one disastrous loss in the playoffs. Murray has upside, but he isn’t a sure thing like other quarterbacks on this list, which makes trading all three first-round picks for him a big-time, expensive risk.

5. Deshaun Watson: Bringing Watson in as the team’s franchise quarterback is a massive risk and one the Eagles shouldn’t take despite his immense talent. There is simply too much uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the 22 civil cases he is currently involved in, the result of 22 women accusing him of sexual misconduct during various massage sessions over the last few years. It isn’t known when Watson will be able to return to the field, but even when he does move past his legal situation, he is almost certainly going to face a suspension from the league. Outside of just the moral question of having Watson as the face of the franchise, there are legitimate questions about what kind of player he will be when he returns. How has an entire season on the sideline impacted him? Can he handle the bullseye that will be on him when he returns? Watson is talented, but the risk is simply too high, and the Eagles should avoid making him their next franchise quarterback.

6. Aaron Rodgers: Rodgers gives the Eagles one shot at a Super Bowl. Outside of that, there is no guarantee he would be back in 2023, as he could easily retire or decide he wants to play for another team. Rodgers doesn’t give the team the same kind of window Wilson does, a major factor when trading away three first-round picks. Rodgers would have to win the Super Bowl next year for the Eagles, and while it is possible in a wide-open NFC, it is hard to imagine him getting it done with the Eagles when he couldn’t with a more-talented Packers roster.


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2 hours ago, EricAllenPick6 said:

No Garropollo on this list?


Thank goodness.  

That list should start with Hurts as 1 and draft QB as 2.  No way I'd give up all 3 1st round picks for Wilson or any of the veteran QBs.  

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