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One insider keeps linking Eagles to a Watson trade


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One insider keeps linking Eagles to a Watson trade


When Howie Roseman was asked about Jalen Hurts' status as QB1 heading into 2022, the Eagles general manager didn't hesitate.

"Yeah, there’s no doubt about it," Roseman said. "I think when you talk about all the things we talked about at the end of the season, nothing’s changed."

And yet, as the trade winds blow out in Indianapolis amid the ongoing NFL Combine, one prominent NFL insider seems pretty certain the Eagles have their eyes on a quarterback who's expected to find a new home before the 2022 season begins.

That QB is Deshaun Watson, the 26-year-old Houston Texan who hasn't played since Jan. 3, 2021 as he faces dozens of sexual assault and harassment allegations.

Watson has proven himself to be a tremendously talented quarterback on the field, but teams have been understandably resistant to surrender anything of value for the QB as his case works its way through the legal system - not to mention the message trading for someone like Watson sends to your fanbase.

Yet twice in a three-day span this week, Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer reported that the Eagles are one of the leading suitors for Watson when he's eventually traded from Houston.

Here's what Breer wrote March 2:

"As for who he lands with, the Broncos and Eagles are two teams that I believe would make strong bids, depending on how a few other things play out (the availability of Rodgers and Russell Wilson, etc.). I’d think the Panthers will try to reenter the picture too, and it’s hard to rule out a dark horse or two (Cleveland? Tampa?) for getting involved. We should know more soon enough."

And here's what Breer wrote March 4:

"Those in the league continue to connect Deshaun Watson to the Eagles and Broncos. Obviously, clarity with Watson’s legal situation would help (and further bolster the market for him), but the football people in those two places are positioned to strike if the right deal is there. Philly owner Jeffrey Lurie has consistently been willing to take players with baggage, and Denver doesn’t have an owner right now."

Very interesting. Is this a guarantee that the Eagles are going to push hard for Watson? Not exactly.

But Breer doubling down on the idea of Watson to the Eagles with two reports in one week, as the league is gathered in one place and plenty of chatter is taking place, certainly doesn't feel like nothing.

The Eagles reportedly had contact with the Texans around this time last year about a Watson trade, which of course was before Hurts' first full year as the team's starting QB. Hurts was perfectly fine but didn't exactly show the kind of growth many hoped to see from Week 1 to Week 17, and his ceiling as a starting QB seems to be limited. So the search sounds like it's continuing behind the scenes, despite saying publicly that Hurts is their guy.

Houston's plan, less than two months ago, was reportedly to try and move Watson before March 16, when the NFL league year begins. 

We're 10 days away from that target date now and things don't seem to have heated up precipitously, but this kind of noise trickling out from Breer with a week and a half to go feels... interesting.

It's officially Keep An Eye Out season. Stay spry.


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Eagles... Watson. 

Eagles... Wilson. 

Eagles... Jimmy G.

Eagles... Coupons.

Eagles... Any QB in the draft. 

Eagles... Any QB in next year's draft. 

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The Eagles are on the cusp of being able to truly alter the trajectory of this team.......they have a load of draft picks, trade assets, and money for free agents......

QBs with monster contracts don't win super bowls.  I don't care who they are.....  the top 5 paid QBs each year haven't won a super bowl for 23 years.  

Stafford, Brady (7), Mahomes, Foles, Peyton Manning (2), Wilson, Flacco, Eli Manning (2), Rodgers, Brees, Roethlisburger (2) , Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, Kurt Warner all won super bowls and were not in the top 5 paid QBs the year they won it.  

These crazy contracts prevent teams from being able to assemble the other pieces needed to win it all......QB is the most important position on a football team, but it's not the only important position.  Brady understood this and gave new england and tampa flexibility to add other needed talent around him.  

Wilson has been saying he wants a "Mahomes type" contract....and Rodgers is now getting $50 million a year.  Both great QBs......both will not win another super bowl.

So when it comes to Deshaun Watson......no thanks.  


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