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How Roseman astutely gained extra value from Dolphins trade last spring


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How Roseman astutely gained extra value from Dolphins trade last spring


The Eagles are in a great position heading into the 2022 draft with picks 15, 16 and 19.

It didn’t have to be this good.

In his weekly Football Morning in America column, NBC Sports’ Peter King outlined how the Eagles ended up with significantly more value in this draft than they would have without an astute choice by Howie Roseman.

Back when the Eagles traded out of the No. 6 spot last March 26 with the Dolphins to move back to No. 12 (they eventually moved back up to 10 to draft DeVonta Smith) they picked up an extra first-round pick in the 2022 draft. But since the Dolphins had two first-round picks, Roseman reportedly wanted his choice of those picks: Either the Dolphins’ first-rounder or the 49ers’ first-rounder.

Remember, in 2020, the Dolphins were coming off a 10-6 season (2nd in the AFC East) and the 49ers were coming off a 6-10 season (last in the NFC West), so this wasn’t a no-brainer. Roseman got his choice, but had to look into the future and figure out which pick to take.

"It was a guess, but he wanted the Dolphins pick,” King wrote. "He figured San Francisco would have a better season in 2021 and thus pick lower.”

Howie nailed that one.

While the 49ers (10-7) finished with a slightly better pick than the Dolphins (9-8), the Niners made a deep playoff run, dropping their pick all the way down to No. 29. The Dolphins, despite a mid-season surge, missed out on the playoffs.

So here’s what the Eagles have: 15, 16, 19

And here’s what they could have had: 16, 19, 29

Either way, the Eagles would have had No. 16 (from the Colts) and No. 19 (own pick), but ending up with No. 15 from the Dolphins instead of No. 29 (initially 49ers’ pick) is a huge difference.

As King pointed out, the difference in value from 15 to 29 on the NFL trade value chart is 410 points. That’s the value of the 49th pick (second round) in this year’s draft. So this one decision from Roseman netted the Eagles the value of an additional second-round pick.

The Eagles also got a fourth-rounder in the 2021 draft from the Dolphins. That turned into cornerback Zech McPhearson from Texas Tech. McPhearson had a big role as a special teamer as a rookie.

This year, having three picks in the top 20 gives the Eagles incredible flexibility. They can sit there at 15, 16 and 19 and draft three players. But knowing Roseman’s history, that would be surprising. Instead, he now has the power to move up and down the draft board picking up additional value along the way.


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Howie is a thinker. He's looking several steps ahead. 

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