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Why Watson trade could hurt Eagles’ ability to move Minshew


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Why Watson trade could hurt Eagles’ ability to move Minshew


The big news the NFL had been waiting on finally broke Friday afternoon. Deshaun Watson is being traded to Cleveland.

And the trickle-down could end up affecting the Eagles.

Now that the Browns have landed their franchise quarterback, they’re expected to honor Baker Mayfield’s trade request. According to Jeff Howe of The Athletic, Mayfield’s preferred landing spot is Indianapolis.


OK, so why should the Eagles care about that?

Last Saturday, CBS Sports NFL insider Jason LaCanfora linked the Colts with Eagles’ backup quarterback Gardner Minshew, saying Minshew was a name to watch for the Colts if they couldn’t land Kirk Cousins or another proven starter.


The Colts aren’t getting Cousins, who agreed to a one-year, $35 million contract extension that will keep him with the Vikings through the 2023 season. While Mayfield hasn’t been a great NFL quarterback, the former No. 1 overall pick definitely qualifies as a somewhat proven starter.

In a roundabout way, this Watson trade could end up hurting the Eagles’ ability to trade Minshew this offseason.

The Eagles, of course, don’t have to trade Minshew. He’s still on his rookie contract and has a base salary of $2.54 million with a matching cap hit in 2022. So the Eagles could simply hang on to him as an experienced, veteran backup. Because if they trade Minshew, they’d have to sign someone to replace him as Jalen Hurts’ backup anyway.

Because of that, the Eagles won’t simply give Minshew away to get something in return before his final season under contract. They can hold on to him and wait for an offer they deem worthy.

Over the course of his first four NFL seasons in Cleveland, Mayfield has started 59 games (29-30), completing 61.6% of his passes with 92 touchdowns and 56 interceptions and has a quarterback rating of 87.8.

Meanwhile, Minshew has started 22 games in his NFL career (8-14), completing 63.2 % of his passes with 41 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. It’s also worth noting that Mayfield’s salary in 2022 on his fifth-year option is nearly $19 million, so Minshew would be much, much cheaper.

But after the Eagles were able to unload Carson Wentz on the Colts last year, Indianapolis might not be in a rush to trade for an Eagles quarterback this soon anyway.


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I don't think it really hurts the Eagles chances to trade Minshew. There are still plenty of QB needy teams. Instead of Denver being one of those teams now Seattle are. Someone will land Mayfield but a lot of other teams won't. And if Carolina were interested before well they are still in need now. 

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I don't want to move him and I don't think the Eagles should. 

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