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Who are the best Eagles to never make a Pro Bowl?


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Who are the best Eagles to never make a Pro Bowl?

The Eagles have had 113 Pro Bowlers in franchise history going back to the first NFL All-Star Game in 1950.

A bunch are Hall of Famers, like Reggie White, Brian Dawkins and Harold Carmichael.

A bunch are fairly obscure, like Buck Lansford, Jess Richardson and J.D. Smith.

And then there’s everybody else.

This story is about everybody else.

This is the all-time Eagles Never-Made-a-Pro-Bowl team.

These are the best players in franchise history who never made a Pro Bowl, either as an Eagle or with any other team at any point in their career.

The best of the rest.

We start with the all-time Eagles Never-Made-a-Pro-Bowl offense, with the defense and specialists coming on Wednesday.

Arguments are welcome.


Rodney Peete
It’s not easy finding a quarterback for this team. All the successful QBs in franchise history have been to a Pro Bowl — Donovan McNabb, Ron Jaworski, Carson Wentz, Michael Vick, Nick Foles, Randall Cunningham. 

That leaves people like Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, Ty Detmer and Bubby Brister. Incredibly, Peele was 15-9 as an Eagles starter and is the only quarterback to win 10 games in an Eagles uniform and never go to a Pro Bowl. And he's the only non-Pro Bowl QB ever to win a postseason game for the Eagles. So Peete gets the nod.

Running back

Duce Staley
A no-brainer. Staley ran for 4,807 yards in an Eagles uniform with three 1,000-yard seasons. No other non-Pro Bowler in Eagles history had one 1,000-yard season.

Wide receivers

Ben Hawkins, Jason Avant, Jordan Matthews
Hawkins is the best receiver in Eagles history to never make a Pro Bowl — he’s 11th in franchise history with nearly 5,000 receiving yards.  

Matthews is one of only five receivers in NFL history to begin his career with 800 yards in each of his first three seasons and never make a Pro Bowl. 

And Avant was just a steady, consistent slot who caught nearly 300 passes in an Eagles uniform.

Tight end

Brent Celek
Another no-brainer. Celek piled up 398 catches for 4,998 yards and 31 TDs in his 11 years with the Eagles but never made a Pro Bowl. John Spagnola would be the next guy on the list, more than 2,000 yards behind. 

Offensive tackles

Todd Herremans, Vic Sears
Two long-time Eagles from different eras. Herremans started more games than any non-Pro Bowl offensive lineman in franchise history and was a steady, consistent guard or tackle on a bunch of really good teams for 10 years. Sears was a starter on two NFL Championship teams and spent his entire 13-year career here before retiring after the 1953 season.


Ron Baker, Stefen Wisniewski 
Baker was a backup on the 1980 Super Bowl team and then a steady starter for most of the 1980s. Wiz wasn’t here long but was huge during the 2017 run and in the Super Bowl. 


Guy Morriss
Morriss played 15 seasons in the NFL, started 173 games, played in Super Bowls for two different teams and never made a Pro Bowl. But he was a capable 11-year starter for the Eagles from 1973 through 1983 before finishing his career in New England.


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I didn't realize Herremans never made a Pro Bowl. Loved his game. I guess I love consistency. 

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On 5/27/2020 at 11:46 AM, EaglesAddict said:

Andre Waters

That’s what I was thinking too.  He was the most obvious snub.  I am surprised that Roob missed this.  Waters first season as a starter he had 129 combined tackles and 6 int’s.  That’s an All-Pro season, much less a Pro Bowl season.  He also had a couple of seasons with over 150 tackles.  R.I.P. Andre Dirty Waters.

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