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Starfield - Bethesda [Coming Soon]


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As for Starfield, Howard talked about how it's important for the game to have its own tone to help it stand apart from the numerous other sci-fi games on the market.

"[Starfield will have its] own tone in terms of there is so much science-fiction in the same way that Fallout has its own tone in post-apocalyptic," he said. "Elder Scrolls has found its own tone, but originally didn't. It was very generic fantasy."

Howard wants Starfield to be the "be all, end all science fiction game that everyone's always wanted to play." He clarified that it is his own personal be all, end all sci-fi game, and not necessarily yours.

Whatever the case, it's a bold ambition for Starfield, but Howard thinks he has put the pieces in place to make it happen. "We could be the ones to pull this off," he said. "We have enough talent and experience and technology; we need to write a whole bunch of new technology that we're doing [for Starfield]. But we think that we can pull it off."

Also in the interview, Howard said Bethesda knew it wanted Starfield to be its next game after Fallout 4 and that development is now underway across the developer's North American studios.

But when will we see more of Starfield? "Everyone should be very patient," Howard said.

Like Fallout 4, which was announced in June just five months before its release in November 2015, Howard said he wants to have a short announce-to-release window for Starfield. The five month window for Fallout 4 was the quickest turnaround the Bethesda's sales team would allow, he said. Howard acknowledged there are complexities related to announcing and releasing quickly, due in part to allowing retail partners to prepare for release.

In terms of a release schedule, Starfield is coming first and then The Elder Scrolls VI, at least according to the current plan.



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