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A remarkable reversal in the secondary, a revealing defensive stat and a look back at the Eagles’ wide receivers just two years ago.A

The Eagles are undefeated, 10 observations are undefeated, we’re all undefeated! 

1. One thing about this Eagles team, we know they’re very talented. We know all the star power Howie Roseman brought in this offseason on top of the talent that was already here. But this is also a very physical team, and that’s a formidable combination.

It starts with Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson, who play the brand of football Eagles fans demand. But there’s definitely a physical, aggressive, imposing style of play all over the field. And the rest of the team follows the lead of the two lines. Whether it’s the linebackers getting numbers to ball carriers, the defensive backs muscling receivers, Miles Sanders plowing up the middle through traffic, Dallas Goedert trampling a safety or A.J. Brown busting out of a tackle for a few extra yards, this team has a mentality of just beating up the other team and takes pride in being more physical than whoever's on the other side of the line of scrimmage.

A lot goes into being a successful team, and talent is only one part of it. You need guys who buy in, guys who play well together and guys who are smart. But you also need guys who love to take it to the other team physically and this group clearly does.


2. This time last year, the Eagles’ secondary featured Darius Slay and Steven Nelson at corner, Avonte Maddox in the slot and Rodney McLeod and Anthony Harris at safety. And after a shaky first half, that group played well enough for the Eagles to make the playoffs.

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