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Cameron Dicker wins Special Teams Player of the Week


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Cameron Dicker wins Special Teams Player of the Week

An Eagle has won Player of the Week honors in every game so far.

PhillyVoice Staff
Cameron-Dicker-Kick-Eagles-Cardinals-Week-5-NFL-2022.jpgMARK J. REBILAS/USA TODAY SPORTS

Cameron Dicker makes a kick for the Eagles during their 20-17 win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. Punter Arryn Siposs holds.

The Eagles' run of weekly honors stays alive, this time through emergency kicker Cameron Dicker. 

Signed at the beginning of last week as a contingency plan in case Jake Elliot wasn't ready to play, Dicker was elevated to the 53-man roster then went 2-for-2 on both extra-point attempts and field goal attempts against Arizona, including the go-ahead 23-yard kick that set up the Eagles' 20-17 win. 

Dicker the Kicker had become Philadelphia's unsung hero in Week 5, and the effort was acknowledged by the NFL on Wednesday with NFC Special Teams Player of the Week honors.


"It's kudos to him, kudos to the field goal unit, the operation," Special teams coordinator Michael Clay said on Tuesday. " Tyler Brown (special teams quality control coach) just working with him and just getting him comfortable. You see after all those PATs and field goals, the guys on kickoff all dapping up, which was really cool to see. A guy that people have known for three days gets the help from everybody else, which was really cool to see."

The Eagles did take the 22-year old kicker in quick and he ended up being key in getting them to 5-0, and depending on the status of Elliott's health, may be needed again for Sunday night against Dallas at the Linc.


"Dicker the Kicker, man," tight end Dallas Goedert said postgame Sunday. "He came in and just like anything, we got a tight-knit group. It doesn't matter who comes in, we're family. We accepted him right away. We knew we needed him, so it was cool getting to know him."

Since the season opener against Detroit, the Eagles have had a Player of the Week on at least one side of the ball after every game, and Dicker's award keeps that streak alive. 

Zech McPhearson won Special Teams Player of the Week in Week 1, and Darius Slay, Brandon Graham, and Haason Reddick each won NFC Defensive Player of the Week in the three games that followed. Quarterback Jalen Hurts also won NFC Offensive Player of the Month for September.

If Dicker does come back to kick for Week 6, you can be sure there won't be any nerves, not even in primetime.

"You talk to him, and he's just very cool," Clay said. "He doesn't go very high or low."

"It's what I do," Dicker said Sunday. "So just go out there and do it."


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Fair play to him. He stepped in and he did his job well. I'm sure he felt some pressure but he didn't show it and most his kicks went right down the middle. 

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