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Peters clears the air about his ‘f—in idiots’ comment


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Peters clears the air about his ‘f—in idiots’ comment


Earlier this week, Eagles great and current Cowboys guard Jason Peters caused a stir with a comments that could have been taken a couple different ways.

You’ve probably seen them by now:


Peters, 40, joined the Takeoff with John Clark podcast to clear the air. He meant it as a compliment. A huge compliment.

"Two years removed from the Eagles, why would I say something crazy like that?” Peters said. "That don’t make sense.”

So what happened?

"The reporter asked me, ‘What do you think about the Eagles fans?’ I said, ‘Man, they the best fans in the league. They awesome. Went and got my first Super Bowl with them right behind my back, supporting the team.’ And then he was like, ‘What you think they gonna be acting like on a Sunday night game to the Dallas Cowboys fans?’ And that’s where that ‘f-ing idiots’ came up. I’ve never said nothing directly like they idiots. He just flipped it. Everybody try to get a story, you know.”

Peters spent 11 years in Philadelphia and made seven of his nine Pro Bowls as a member of the Eagles. His last season in Philly was 2020. After spending the 2021 season with the Bears, Peters has helped to bolster a Cowboys line that needed some help.

After spending over a decade in Philly, Peters knows what the atmosphere is going to be like in South Philadelphia on Sunday night.

"And that’s all I was trying to explain to him,” Peters said. "You got a Sunday night game. They gonna be able to tailgate all day and he was like, ‘Yeah, the Cowboys fans gonna be there. What you think they gonna be acting like toward the Cowboys fans?’ And that’s when I told him the Eagles fans are the No. 1 fans in the NFL, man. They gonna be hostile, they gonna be tailgating for 8 hours. It’s going to be a good atmosphere.”

In addition to talking about fans and this individual game, Peters also talked about the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry, the growth of Jordan Mailata and Jalen Hurts and his thoughts on Carson Wentz’s career.

Check out the full interview here.


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Peters speak "F'in idiots" translation  = "Crazy and passionate fans"...not so upsetting any more...if it ever was upsetting at all.

On To The Next GIFs | Tenor

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Any level headed fan knew exactly what he was saying. Peters is a Philly legend. And he absolutely loves the City and fans. I have feeling he will be on the Eagles staff when he calls it quits.

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