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Why Sirianni doesn't care about bulletin board material


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Why Sirianni doesn't care about bulletin board material


There is no bulletin board in the Eagles’ locker room.

There's an LCD screen that shows the day's schedule, but if you're looking for a place to post proverbial "bulletin-board material," you won't find it.

Because this team doesn't care about it.

So when someone like DeMarcus Lawrence throws a little trash talk the Eagles’ way, it really doesn’t cause a ripple.

Lawrence, the Cowboys’ veteran edge rusher, was asked Thursday about Eagles QB Jalen Hurts, and here’s how he responded: 

"Has he played us? All right. All you need to write is he hasn't played the Cowboys yet. So we don't know how good he is. … I think he's making better reads and stuff like that. But I think there are still areas that he struggles in, so just attack (those) areas.”

It’s not exactly Lions offensive lineman Lomas Brown guaranteeing a win over the Eagles in the 1995 playoffs when it comes to trash talking, but it’s the kind of thing that some coaches could use to try to fire up their team.

Not Nick Sirianni.

"I’m not really into bulletin board material, to be quite honest with you,” Sirianni said Friday. "Because our greatest motivation is to play for each other. And this team loves each other. This is what is making this team a special team, that they’re in it for each other and they’re in it to not let each other down and to play for each other. 

"And that’s why we’re in it as coaches, to put our guys in positions to help them play great and that’s the motivation we need. Just, ‘Hey, for each other. I don’t want to let Jalen down. I don’t want to let Fletch down.’ And that’s a contagious thing, when all the guys want to play for each other and not let each (other down), and that’s when it’s a special thing.”

The 5-0 Eagles and 4-1 Cowboys meet Sunday night on national TV in a game that will determine the NFC East leader through six games and could go a long way toward determining the No. 1 seed in the conference.

The Cowboys have allowed only five touchdowns this year – one in each game – and have won four straight since losing to the Bucs on opening day.

Lawrence and Micah Parsons are the keys to a Cowboys defense that’s No. 7 in yards allowed, No. 3 in points allowed, No. 2 in sacks, No. 4 in first downs allowed and No. 3 in the red zone.

"Hey, DeMarcus Lawrence is a great football player and we’re going to have to be ready for where he is, no matter where he is on the field, so we know how good of a football player he is and how good of a defense this is, for that matter,” Sirianni said.

"But we’re playing for each other and that’s our greatest motivation.”


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