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T.J Edwards 3 years 16 million (9 guaranteed) Had become one of our best players and gets some good money now. 

James Bradberry 3 years 39 million 17.5guaranteed . Darius and James are a excellent combo tandem. He deserves a payday and we have had issues drafting corners. we want to keep the secondary in tact 

C.J Gardner Johnson - 4 years 30 million 13.5 guaranteed C.J was brought here to be more than just a one year round trip. He gets the payment that the Saints wouldn’t give him.

Sua Opeta - signs is RFA tender. A great backup at either guard position. 

Javon Hargreave - 3 years 37 million- - I love me some Fletcher but let’s be honest he doesn’t have the Want To all the time. He has lowered snaps and should be Julio every snap. We let him walk and bring back the man who made the probowl last year and has a great motor and has a great all around game. Jordan Davis Milton Williams and Marlon is still a very good group. 

Jalen Hurts 4 years   150 million 88 guaranteed- Hurts is the ultimate team player and he knows he can’t win by himself. With all the advertisements and clothing line he has he will be reasonable with the money as long as it’s not insulting.  

Sign -

Josh Jacobs 3 years 25 million the guy would be a absolute game changer for this offense he too has played with Hurts and he has the perfect style of Agression and he has excellent speed and agile. He loves running in a power schem and that’s the Eagles to a T 

1st from the Saints we trade with the Seahawks for their two firsts They trade up for Bryce Young. Pete Carrol finds his new QB and he’s accustomed to having short QBs and he would come in and bring a winning culture. 

1st from the Seahawks through the Broncos. 

The Eagles select  Jalen Carter DE Georgia. The Eagles again go after a bulldog among the defensive line. He is always around the ball and has dominated in the SEC and will take over for BG when he retires Josh Sweat , Davis , Reddick, Marlon, Williams, Barnett and Jackson gives us youth and talent for the forseable future. The injection of new blood is probably going to be a trend in this draft 

1st the Seahawks pick Eagles select Myles Murphy DE Clemson. More help along the lines at a cheap price for 5 years is something Howie knows he will have to address this way due to Jalen Hurts and his upcoming contract. Having premier talent for the cheap on one of the most expensive positions is the way we will have to attack our needs. Myles can move up and down the line and he is equally equipped to play the run. Our oldest DE will be Barnett at 26 . That means we will have ton of energy and can rotate to keep them explosive.

1st Jack Nelson OT/G Wisconsin At 6-7 310 lbs he is another giant along our line, Dillard will be gone and maybe even Samuelo. Jack is a nasty run hog. He engaged with force and can Learn behind Lane Johnson and can compete for the RG position now with the other Jack Driscoll. Eagles fans we know Howie wants to win in the trenches and this guy comes from a offensive line factory.He will also be with his old teammate Cam Jurgens. 

2nd  Darnell Washington TE Georgia - AT 6-7 260 and a 4.6 40. This guy is a freak of nature. He is a excellent blocker in the run game and has excellent hands that could make him a mismatch nightmare.Jack Stoll and Grant are decent players for their roles but having a talent line Washington along with our huge Oline would give us a lethal running unit and would create huge schematic issues for defensive coordinators you can’t run nickel because we would gash you, and Godert and Washington can beat you in the passing game. 

3rd  Zach Charbonnet RB UCLA - at 6-1 225  and 4.5. Speed he is a load to bring down, He does run a little bit upright but he always is leaning towards extra hard fought yards. He also has been accustomed to running the RPO in chip Kelly’s offense so it will serve him well with Jalen. He has above average hands and is a good pass protector. He along with Gainwell and Sermon are will give us good options behind him. 

4th  Julius Brents CB Kansas St. A amazing physical specimen. He’s 6-4 205 and has 4.46 speed he is a excellent development player and he ca sit behind two of the best in Slay and Bradberry. He can compete with McPherson for the top backup role. 

6th Jervarius Owens S Houston - KVON Wallace needs to be gone ASAP. Owens could come in immediately and win the top backup role for both safety posistions. He is always around the ball and has good size and range. Will also be extremely helpful on special teams.

7th Michael Turk Oklahoma Punter- Arryn Sipos or however you soell his name has been a huge liability and we need to upgrade this immediately so our defense doesn’t always have to start in bad field position. Michael Clay will have no excuses with the help of this draft adding speed, toughness and a excellent punter.

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Great start to the mock year - thanks. 

Exrtensions- I would extend all of those players also. That leave us with the following losses. Cox, Graham, Barnett, White, Epps, Minshew, Sanders, Kelce, Seumalo, Pascal, Lovato, and probably Barnett. I think Pascal and Lovato are easy re-signings so I'd add them. 

Sign - Why would you do that if you are drafting Charbonnet? We'll have more hols than picks although your trade helps a great deal. 

Trade - Love it  - home run!!

Lovethe first 2 picks. Carter replaced Cox and Murphy replaces Barnett. Also love the G in the 1st but I haven't seen Nelson on the radar at that slot. I 'd be interested to know how you came up with him there.  How about Vorhees from Southern Cal? Either way - that pick replaces Seumalo

I think you sort of slip there in the 2nd. If we don't resign Epps we need a starting safety. Branch or Skinner would be more to my liking in this slot. 

You rebounded with a strong pick in Charbonnet. I'd have make exactly the same pick. 

Howie should consult with you - Brents would be a steal in the 4th and actually reminds me of last years super sleeper Tariq Woolen. 

I don't think we have a 6th - I think it's 2 in the 7th. A tackle and a center for Stoutland to develop would be my preference there. 

that leave a couple of holes - backup quarterback, linebacher (depth only since Nakobe would replace White), and defensive end unless we also bring Graham back.

Great read and great food for thought.



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Amazing draft. I doubt we can trade down and still select Carter though. Seems like we'd have to get a top5 pick from the Saints to pick Carter.

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