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Eagles Trade for DE


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Eagles Trade for DE

Posted: October 26th, 2022 | Author: Tommy Lawlor 

A quiet Wednesday got a bit more exciting when we got the breaking news of an Eagles trade.


The Eagles added a veteran DE to make the pass rush even better. Quinn makes a lot of sense for the Eagles. He played for Vic Fangio the previous couple of years. That scheme is very similar to the Eagles scheme so that will make it easier for him to fit in right away.


This is a fair question. Kerrigan and Quinn are similar in the fact they’re older pass rushers, but there are distinct differences. Kerrigan was a backup in his final year in WAS. He had 5.5 sacks while coming off the bench. Quinn hasn’t been a backup since his rookie season. He had 18.5 sacks last year and made the Pro Bowl. Kerrigan was a declining player before coming to Philly.

Quinn only has one sack this year. He’s playing in a new system and hasn’t been as productive. I don’t see a player who looks washed, as Kerrigan turned out to be. I saw Quinn make multiple hustle plays on Monday night. I saw him get double-teamed several times.


The Eagles have a good defense and a good defensive line. Quinn is coming to Philly to help, not to be the answer. He and Josh Sweat will split time at RDE. Brandon Graham and Haason Reddick can then split time at LDE. You have a better rotation. Pass rushers will have fresher legs late in the game.

I would love the Eagles to move BG inside in some passing situations. They couldn’t do that after the Barnett injury. They needed his reps on the edge. With the addition of Quinn, they could mix him in at DT in some sub-packages. I don’t know if they will, but they should. You may remember him making a key play in the Super Bowl from the inside.

One of the other selling points with Quinn is that he’s always been good with strip sacks. From 2013-2021, Quinn had at least 2 FF per year. He had 4 FF last year. The Eagles have been great with takeaways this year. Quinn gives them another player who knows how to get to the QB and get the ball loose.

Will Quinn fit in from a culture standpoint?



Obviously Quinn made an impact on some of his teammates so that bodes well.

If the Eagles season goes as we hope, they traded a late 4th round pick for someone who can help them compete for a title. That’s a good move in my book. Quinn is under contract next year, but with no guaranteed money so they could cut him if things don’t work out.


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