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Tyrone Johnson: The Eagles are all in


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Tyrone Johnson: The Eagles are all in

Tyrone johnson
PhillyVoice Contributor


When I wrote about the Eagles having a Super Bowl chance only a couple weeks into the season, fans told me to slow down because it was too early. Maybe I was getting ahead of myself, or I am the greatest visionary of my generation, your choice. I admit I am biased. 

Fast forward to now and it is very clear the undefeated Eagles think that they are a Super Bowl team right now. They think they can follow the success of the Phillies with a championship of their own. Coming off the bye week and a week before the trade deadline, Howie Roseman pulled another rabbit out of his hat. This time he traded a fourth-round pick to the Bears for 32-year-old defensive end Robert Quinn. Howie Roseman is one quality draft away from being the top GM in the league if this team lives up to expectations, but we will crown him when he has another Lombardi trophy.

First, on merit, this is a great deal for the Eagles. Quinn was off to a slow start this year with the Bears with only 1 sack, but just last year he had 18.5. Some have questioned his motivation there after the Bears tried to trade him during draft season. He has had double-digit sacks five times in his career. You can never have enough pass rushers in the modern NFL and to add another one for a fourth rounder is a no brainer when you are as good as the Eagles are on both sides of the ball.

Then you add in the fact that the Bears are picking up most of Quinn’s remaining contract for this year according to NFL Network (all but $711,111), it becomes even better. If Quinn returns to last year’s form, they will have elite Pro Bowl production, for a veteran minimum price. The Eagles have had double-digit leads in every game so far this year and that means he will have tons of opportunities to do what he does best, without needing to carry the defense. The trade has zero downside and a crazy high upside.

Here is another reason why it is so clear that the Eagles are clearly thinking they can win the Super Bowl this year. The Eagles value young defensive lineman almost as much as they value young offensive lineman. They have not had the same success as on the other side of the ball, but they make the investment. To make room for Quinn, they released 24-year-old Tarron Jackson. A young player they really liked coming out of training camp. They don’t do this move if they don’t think they are the real contender.

They also recognize that they have this year and next year with Jalen Hurts under his rookie contract. That is gold in the current NFL cap environment. This is the time to strike when the NFC appears very weak, and the Eagles may have beaten the best teams on their schedule already. I am still not a Giants believer, but they are a playoff team and I look forward to their two matchups.

We have not won enough in this city. With the quality of this fanbase we should have this feeling more often. The city has three real championship contenders at the same time. The Phillies are in the World Series, the Union host the conference finals on Sunday, and now the Eagles are announcing to the NFL that they are ready to win right now. Our job is to enjoy it. 

Anyone who has lived in Philadelphia for any length of time knows that sports mean more here. Sports are not just a "game” here. Sports in Philadelphia can change lives. People meet their spouses at these games. People make forever memories and bond with family with these games. They make lifelong friends. It is just better when the teams are pushing all in to give us the best games possible. These are good times in Philadelphia and the Eagles made these times that much sweeter with the Robert Quinn move.


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