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October 27, 2022

Brian Dawkins is, without question, the best player to wear an Eagles uniform during my 26 years of existence. So whenever he has something to say on the state of the team, I listen.

The Hall of Fame safety appeared on NFL Network’s "Good Morning Football” Thursday morning to talk all things Eagles. More specifically, the maturation process of QB Jalen Hurts.

When host Jamie Erdahl asked Dawkins to share his thoughts on how Hurts has played this season, Weapon X had nothing but great things to say.

Brian Dawkins on the development of Jalen Hurts, state of the Eagles

[NOTE: click on link to article below to view video]


"Not only did Jalen hear it, the Eagles heard it as well,” Dawkins said when asked how the doubters affected the team entering the 2022 season. "They brought a lot more talent around [Hurts], to make sure that he has every asset available to utilize every talent he has. He can run the football, we know that. He can make people miss, we know that. But he’s worked on his deep ball, he’s worked on his accuracy. He’s now had an offensive coordinator for two years in a row, which he hasn’t had in forever.”

As expected, Dawkins is spot on with his analysis here.

The Eagles made a concerted effort to surround Hurts with as much talent as possible this past offseason. The wide receiving corps is the best it’s been in years, the offensive line is elite, and Hurts has a borderline elite tight end that he can rely on.

Everything the Eagles have done since the end of the 2021 season has been geared towards chasing a championship. Obviously, getting the most out of their quarterback was priority number one and it’s working to perfection. Literally.

At 6-0, the Eagles are the lone undefeated team in the NFL. Hurts is a big reason why, tallying 12 total touchdowns to just two turnovers seven weeks into the season. He’s currently the fifth-highest graded QB in the NFL per Pro Football Focus, earning an overall grade of 81.5 thus far. Despite being a "run first” signal caller, Hurts’ passing grade is almost 10 grade points higher than his running grade. Hurts’ 80.8 passing grade ranks fourth out of 36 qualifying quarterbacks.

"I think the game is slowing down for him,” Dawkins continued. "And that’s one of the things, with a player in his early years, the game is so fast and you’re making mistakes. When it slows down, you’re able to do the things he does. Which is, seem to be very calm in a chaotic state and be able to make plays.”

If there’s one thing we knew for certain about Hurts coming into this year, it was his ability face adversity head-on without flinching. Now that his play on the field is beginning to match the stoic attitude he brings to the game, the sky’s the limit for the Eagles QB.


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