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Steelers' DBs 'not enough' to stop Eagles' A.J. Brown


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Steelers' DBs 'not enough' to stop Eagles' A.J. Brown

PhillyVoice Staff

A.J. Brown making the Steelers' secondary look foolish.

Not enough.

It's what the Titans got back in an offseason A.J. Brown trade that looks more disastrous by the day and how much time defensive coordinators are spending scheming up how to stop the star wideout.

On Sunday, Brown completely dominated the Steelers as the Eagles crushed Pittsburgh 35-13. The huge move for Brown back during the NFL Draft, his play style and his pure talent drew immediate comparisons to former Eagle Terrell Owens. With six catches for 156 yards and three touchdowns, Brown turned in a performance that rivals the best Eagles fans saw from T.O. during his 2004 peak.

"I sure have," head coach Nick Sirianni said after the win when asked if he's seen games like this from Brown in the past. "When I was in Indianapolis and he was having them on our defense."

Continuing his gushing for Brown, Sirianni said, "So much credit to Howie [Roseman] and his staff to get that done. He makes us so much better."

I get that the dude wanted a new contract, but the Titans look completely incompetent with Brown playing the best football of his life in Philadelphia. With the first-round pick Tennessee got in return for Brown, they selected Arkansas receiver Treylon Burks. The best-case scenario for the Titans is that Burks balls out, is as good as Brown and warrants a big deal. I'm a sportswriter and not an NFL front-office executive for a reason, but maybe they should've kept and paid the 25-year-old top-five receiver.

Brown got his huge afternoon going with a 39-yard touchdown catch from Jalen Hurts in the first quarter:

[NOTE: click on link to article below to view video and other videos found later in article]

Brown used his physicality and strength to go up and get the ball even with All-Pro safety Minkah Fitzpatrick closing in on him. 

When speaking with reporters after the game, Brown indicated that he wasn't even supposed to be the main target on that deep TD.

"You never know what to expect," he said "I was just trying to clear out for [DeVonta Smith], take the safety out of the way and I looked up and the ball was in there. I'm like, 'Oh s--t!' I got to at least try to go do something."

He did do something: Brown set the tone as the Birds cruised to a win. 

"We had a couple different things going on there," Sirianni said about that first touchdown play. "Felt like Minkah was a little low on the play and Jalen took advantage of that." 

Brown's second touchdown? It looked as easy as a 7-on-7 rep in training camp:

There's something to be said for kicking your opponent in the teeth while making it look so simple. 

On Brown's third TD against the Steelers, Hurts lofted a perfect ball down the right sideline between two Pittsburgh defensive backs and right into his arms. Once more, Fitzpatrick found himself closing in on Brown, but he, again, was too late. As Brown came down with the TD, Fitzpatrick bounced off him like a pinball while Brown didn't flinch from the "hit." 

Brown was called for a taunting penalty after the play, much to the chagrin of Eagles fans and fans of fun everywhere. 

When asked about what he said to those Steelers defenders on that play, Brown replied, "I said, 'One, two, that's not enough.'"

With the Eagles' offense playing like it is, from Hurts to Brown to Miles Sanders to the offensive line to everyone, I don't know how many defenders will be enough to contain him. 


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How do you stop him? I mean seriously how do you stop him? He's physical and he's big so he can win those physical battles. He's got agility and he's got speed so he can beat guys deep. He's able to change direction so quickly and make guys miss and he's able to run over guys. I just don't know how you stop him unless you double and triple cover him on every play. And if you do that then there's a few other guys ready to take advantage of that.

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