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Midway Season Draft


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Jalen Hurts 4 years 140 million. 103 guaranteed- give the man his money 

Extension Darius Slay - we need to drop his cap hit and give him a new deal a 2 year deal with dummy years added on cap hit falls from 26million to 4 million 

Give Lane Johnson a new contract a 3 year deal 55 million 29 guaranteed. Another smart move to lower his huge cap hit and drops its to 5.6 million against the Cap.

Free Agents to Re-sign 

C.J Gardner Johnson - 5 years 54 million 26.75 guaranteed- We are going to have to pay close to top dollar but he’s worth everything it’s going to cost. He is a playmaker and a turnover machine. 

Javon Hargreave 3 years 42 million 25 guaranteed- He gives great pass rush along the interior and he is more valuable now than Fletcher Cox and we’re going to need to let one go. We love Fletch but it’s based on production and it’s obvious who’s the better player now. 

Kyzir White 3 years 16.5 million 9 guaranteed- He plays along Nakobe Dean now.

(T.J Edwards is looking to break the bank this time around due to his production and the fact he’s been severely been under paid so he’s going in looking to get the highest contract he can.) 

Brandon Graham  1 year 7 million 4.6 guaranteed. His play has dropped and he knows he won’t.m command a lot from anyone else due to his age and injury history. 20-25 snaps a game and a respectable contract. 

Zach Pascal 2 years 2.45 million 1guarenteed. A perfect role player and leader on offense. He does everything well and his play makes this offense extremely difficult to stop because of all the little things he does and accomplishes.

issac Samuelo. 3 years 13.5 million 8 guaranteed- A excellent piece to keep in our offensive line. He can be so valuable because of alll the positions he can play as well as be a excellent starter at RG. He’s the glue to the line.

Sua Opeta 1 year low level Tender- a excellent backup along the interior and we can never have enough proven depth. 


Let Go 

Andre Dillard - Finally gets a chance to be someone’s franchise LT and gets a excellent payday and we get a nice compensatory pick

James Bradberry- Signs a excellent contract in free agency but we need to go into a cheaper option because we can’t pay every single player. Compensatory pick 

Jason Kelce Retires 

Fletcher Cox- Will either retire or go to a playoff caliber team and get a really nice payday . Will help us with our compensatory picks

Marcus Epps - Has developed into a starter and wants to get paid as a above average safety we  need to get cheaper talent for equal production 

TJ Edwards  - Looking for a huge payday after being underpaid for 3 years straight 

Gardner Minshew - is going to look for a roster where he can compete to start. 

Miles Sanders - going to cost too much money to keep 

Boston Scott - going in a different direction 

KVon Wallace - Let go

Britain Covey - Released

ARon Syposs - Let go

FREE AGENCY With spending most on our own we do have a couple moves we can do and not break the bank. 

  David Montgomery 2 years 8 million 3.5 guaranteed 

Jordan Phillips 3 years 20 million 11.5 guaranteed- he signed a one year contract with the Bills for 5 million. We can give him a decent payday and be able to cure our interior run defense having him and Jordan Davis would be unstoppable.



Eagles 1st from Saints back to the Texans the Texans select Will Levis with the 2nd draft pick and draft Will Anderson with their other .

Eagles received 9th 2nd and 3rd and 6th picks 

Eagles give 4th overall and two 7ths and Quez Watkins .Texans need WRs and so they get the fast and improved Quez Watkins 

Eagles 1st round pick select Kelee Ringo CB Georgia.Eagles get the top CB in the draft and get their replacement for James Bradberry . He is more explosive and a excellent tackler as well. Needs to work on not grabbing while running downfield for those pesky Illegal contact calls but we have excellent coaches in the back end. 

Eagles select 31st overall  Tyree Wilson DE Texas Tech at 6-6  275 - a great physical talent that can develop into a star with the right coaching. He has incredible long arms and can keep lineman from getting to his pads. He and Josh Sweat will be some of the best athletes at the posistion.  

2nd Jordan Battle S Alabama - the leader along the back end and is a complete safety that can play either position and also line up in the slot and cover TEe. Excels in run support. With CJ controlling the deep middle and Battle helping cover TEs or playing in the box it gives us tons of options schematically.

2nd Ochaun Mathis DE Nebraska - Another 6-6 265 rusher ready to come in and help provide help in the run game and can move inside in pass rushing situations. No longer will we be manhandled in the run game!. 

3rd Rasheen Rice SMU  - one of the best seniors at WR and has been constantly overlooked but he is 6-3 205 and can run a 4.37 40 . He’s bigger and stronger than Quez and he can also run go routes even better than Watkins. This will give us a great 3 WR set and he can be dangerous in the return game. 

Eagles trade their 3rd round pick for  a 4th and 2 6th round picks


4th Zion  Nelson OT Miami 6-5 316 We need another LT behind Mailata. Zion is a excellent athlete and has excellent feet for a man of his size. With Jeff Stoutland working with him he could be a eventual starter down the road.


6th  Ricky Stromberg OC Arkansas 6-3 312 Cam Jurgens is taking over and we need a backup that has a similar skill set and Stromberg is a excellent athlete and can pull in the run game and anchor in the pass game. This year is about adding youth and talent to both lines. We’re doing just that 

6th Sam Hartman 6-1 QB Wakeforest  he can do a lot of what Hurts can do on the field. Sam has a above average arm and a ton of experience. He can come in and compete with Ian Book for the back up job.

6th Torrey Taylor P Iowa . Has kicked in bad weather and he has a powerful leg and consistency is one of his best attributes. Consistently pinning down opponents within the 20. We need a punter like him.


QB Hurts Hartman Booke 

RB Montgomery Gainwell Sermon

WR Brown Smith Rice Pascal 

TE Goedert Stoll Grant 

LT Mailata Nelson Toth 

LG Dickerson Opeta Sills

C Jurgens Stromberg

RG Samuelo Driscoll 

RT Johnson Driscoll  


LE Wilson Graham Barnett

DT Hargreave  Williams

NT Davis Wilson 

DT Phillips  Marlon

RE Sweat Mathis Robinson 

LB Reddick P Johnson  K Johnson 

MLB Dean Bradley Taylor

OLB White Ellis 

CB 1 Slay, Mchpherson

NB Maddox Scott 

CB Ringo Jobe  Goodrich 

FS Gardner Johnson, Cachere 

SS Battle Blankenship

RSP Rice , Smith , Sermon

P Taylor 

K Elliot. 

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I like it, but don't think I followed the trades well enough. Can you lay them our better. 

Do you think Montgomery is really a suitable replacement for Sanders?

We bounced this around before - I don't think there are enough $'s to even get close to what you want to do. The Eagles have about $9M in carryover. With a cap going to $220M they'll have about $7M  - that's $16M to spend leass whatever they paid for Joseph and Suh. Then fiogure on $15M for the 2 restructures - that's a total of $31M. 

  • Hurts get a minimum of $10M next year and probably more
  • The draft picks cost about $10M
  • Montgomery - $3M in 2023
  • Phillips - $7M in 2023
  • That leaves $1M for all of the resigning players - it doesn't work

Thanks for the read - it gets the brain cells cooking. 

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i basically love every pick you made overall. Some things I'd maybe want to do differently: I wouldn't want to lose Epps but idk how the money would work rn. Battle hasn't been as spectacular this season, not that he's a bad pick but I'd maybe look at one of the Ohio State Safeties in that spot.  And not sure how i feel about two DEs, I don't have a big issue with it overall but I'd maybe look at DT instead in that spot, maybe even a Siaki Ika NT type that we could rotate in with Davis to keep their snaps lower

But overall it's great, including the depth picks you made in the draft

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