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Brandon Brooks is already doing jiu-jitsu just two days after his Achilles injury


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Brandon Brooks is already doing jiu-jitsu just two days after his Achilles injury


Brandon Brooks’ work ethic is really something.


The Philadelphia Eagles Pro Bowl guard suffered a season-ending Achilles injury just two days ago but apparently that isn’t stopping him from getting some jiu-jitsu training in.


MUST WATCH: Days after tearing his other Achilles, Brandon Brooks is already back to jiujitsu. With a boot on.

This guy’s mental strength is off the charts. @FOX29philly

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Brooks began doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu around this time last year when he was in the process of recovering from his first Achilles tear. Brooks remarkably returned to the field from that January 2019 injury sooner than expected. There’s little doubt that Brooks will be grinding hard to make his way back from this latest setback.
Brooks had also been doing Muay Thai prior to suffering his second Achilles injury.
Looking pretty good for a guy measuring in at 6-5, 346 pounds. I like Eagles linebacker Nathan Gerry chiming in with "He’s like a bigger Mike Tyson” in the comments of Brooks’ post.

Just so there’s no confusion, performing Muay Thai isn’t how Brooks got hurt. He explained what happened on Tuesday:

"I’ve noticed a lot of people wondering how it happened, so let me be clear: I was doing 60-yard shuttles and on seven of eight, I went to touch the line, push off and POP. That being said the work doesn’t stop because of an injury. The direction I’ll continue to move is forward. All love.”

It really sucks that Brooks won’t be able to take the field for the Eagles in 2020. Here’s hoping he’s good to go well in advance of the 2021 season.


This guy is something else...

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