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Eagles OL Jack Driscoll named a day 3 NFL draft pick who landed in a favorable situation


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Eagles OL Jack Driscoll named a day 3 NFL draft pick who landed in a favorable situation


Day 3 of the NFL draft is typically where teams build depth and search for a breakout player who may have fallen in the process.

Every year a player drafted in rounds 4-7 typically ends up playing as rookies and thus adding value to the roster without the hefty salary cap implications.

Pro Football Focus named 8 players drafted on day three that landed in favorable situations that could allow those players to get significant playing time as rookies.

The Philadelphia Eagles had two players land on that list.

Wallace’s main competition to take over the role left vacant by Malcolm Jenkins is much-maligned former cornerback Jalen Mills. Mills has earned coverage grades of 49.8 and 55.8 the past two seasons, and in his last season at safety back at LSU in 2014, he earned only a 70.6 coverage grade. Wallace, on the other hand, has earned coverage grades higher than that in every single year he was a starter at Clemson. This past season, he earned an 89.7 coverage grade. He has also been one of the best tacklers in the country, missing just 13 times on 159 attempts over the past three seasons.

This favorable situation only developed this past week when it was announced Brandon Brooks would be out for the season with a torn Achilles tendon. Driscoll was a tackle at Auburn, but he likely projects on the interior now for the Eagles and has only 2018 sixth-round pick Matt Pryor to beat out to replace Brooks. Driscoll was also one of the most athletic offensive linemen in the draft and goes to an offensive scheme that routinely asks its linemen to play on the move.

Wallace is a force and will instantly upgrade the attitude and play of the Eagles secondary from the day he steps on the field. There’s no true explanation for Wallace dropping so far, but he’ll definitely be utilized in the Eagles new hybrid-defensive scheme.

Driscoll went from a guy possibly replacing Big V as the swing-lineman, to now likely battling it out with Matt Pryor for the right to replace Brandon Brooks at right guard.

A tackle in college and supremely athletic, Driscoll should see playing time early regardless of what takes place with Pryor.


I really like both of these picks. I think giving Stoutland a player like Driscoll is going to really work out for us long term. There's potential for him to be a good starter let alone good back up. 

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