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State of the Franchise: Super Bowl or bust for Carson Wentz's Eagles?


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^Good little article on the NFL site, in a state of the franchise series.


"Yes, I remain firmly in the corner of Doug Pederson. Come at me. He's the best right now. Belichick is the G.O.A.T. coach, no doubt. And I'll be fascinated to see what he can do without the G.O.A.T. But right now? I'll ride with Doug." (not sure I agree, but I love the national attention and I certainly feel Doug is a top 5 at worst)


"Wentz is the only QB in league history to eclipse 4,000 passing yards without a single wide receiver reaching 500. That's like when Dave Grohl first started Foo Fighters as a literal one-man band, playing all of the instruments himself for the debut album. " (LOL, to be fair Wentz relies on more than just himself to be successful, but I like the analogy)


"ANOTHER storyline people are overlooking: How good the tight ends are." (yes... Godertz is beastly. Having said that I would be 100% good if the birds move on from Ertz next year and commit long term to Godert.)

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This was already posted, scroll down a few posts

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