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Howie Talk

Posted: May 23rd, 2023 | Author: Tommy Lawlor 

Howie Roseman has built a pair of Super Bowl rosters. He helped the Eagles bring home the first Lombardi in team history. He drafted a star QB in Carson Wentz. That went sideways so he went and found another star QB in Jalen Hurts. Howie built a pass rush that racked up 70 sacks. He built the best OL in the league. He has proven to be a master at pulling off great trades.

All that and the future could be great as well. The Eagles have a lot of young talent. There might be more Super Bowl appearances in the coming years.


Here is Pat’s write-up.

It took the better part of two decades for Howie Roseman to make himself the center of the Eagles’ power structure, but his outlasting of Chip Kelly has led to the greatest heights in franchise history. Roseman has hired two coaches since Kelly was fired. Both have reached the Super Bowl. Roseman’s 2017 roster was so good it beat Bill Belichick in the big game with a backup quarterback. Backup magic would prove to be something of a theme after Jalen Hurts progressed from "overdrafted No. 2” in 2020 to "best quarterback in the NFC” and Super Bowl starter two years later. 2022 was a testament to everything Roseman does well. His big swings landed. Hurts became a superstar and A.J. Brown became the long-sought No. 1 weapon. Roseman traded a first-rounder for Brown and still had a top-15 pick to spare. Roseman’s talent accumulation also paid off in the form of unmatched star power. Last year’s Eagles had six All-Pros and eight Pro Bowlers, both tied for the league lead. Whether it was trading for AJB, ponying up for Haason Reddick in free agency or plucking James Bradberry off the scrap heap in late May, Roseman turned over every stone. And he still ended up with a top-10 2023 selection even after reaching the Super Bowl. In a league that can seem defined by randomness, Roseman tilts the odds in his favor by stockpiling high-end assets and trusting the process to result in a Lombardi every now and then. That might not be the stuff childhood dreams are made of, but it is a clinically successful way to approach modern football.

Pat isn’t alone in ranking Howie #1.


Howie has been on quite a roll recently. The biggest complaint might be the trade for Robert Quinn. That made sense, but didn’t work out as hoped. Thankfully the Eagles didn’t need him so it didn’t hurt, beyond losing the pick.

I think one of Howie’s biggest strengths has been leaving himself flexibility in regard to resources and the roster. Too often you see teams hitch their wagon to a player they shouldn’t. They panic a bit and end up with a player they don’t believe in.

The Eagles had Anthony Harris and Jaquiski Tartt as veteran safeties a year ago. Marcus Epps had 8 career starts. K’Von Wallace was a disappointing young player. There was also a UDFA named Reed Blankenship. Howie kept telling everyone Epps was going to be good and that the team believed in him. Blankenship then had a terrific preseason. When Chauncey Gardner-Johnson became available, the Eagles dealt for him. Safety went from a question to a strength.

Situations won’t always work out that well. You have to be willing to take chances. Howie did and it helped the Eagles get to the Super Bowl.

This is an interesting interview.

I enjoyed some of the back and forth between them. Florio can be annoying, but I like the fact he’ll push back on safe answers.

Probably the best compliment I can give to Howie is that he’s considered the best GM in the league and it isn’t that much of a story. Howie being atop everyone’s GM rankings would have been a huge deal just a few years ago.


One of the greatest plays in Eagles history.

That was Week 4 of 1993. Allen handed the ball to Randall after the play. Randall had gotten hurt earlier in the game and was standing in the back of the end zone on crutches when Allen scored. The win made the Eagles 4-0 and I thought they might be a team of destiny.

They lost 6 in a row.

Don’t let that take away from the magic of that moment.


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