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Season Info about fan attendance coming next week


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Season ticket holders received this email yesterday. I'm blocking out my name and account number of course but here is the rest of the email word for word. 

We hope you and your family are doing well. As we prepare for the 2020 football season, we continue to do so with the health and safety of our players, employees, fans and community as our top priority.
As we are seeing with other professional sports and experiencing in our everyday lives, protocols and guidelines are continuing to develop and evolve.
We understand that you may have questions about how your experience as a Season Ticket Member will be impacted. We appreciate your patience as we continue to process the information we are receiving from the NFL, as well as federal, state, and local officials.  We will communicate additional information regarding the 2020 season following the Fourth of July.
Enjoy your holiday weekend!
Fly Eagles Fly!

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I paid my tickets in full day 1 so hoping anyone who did pay in full gets all games as a perk so they don't have to pay us back lol. Rest of the payment fans every other game, lol. Just kidding. Really hope its full stadiums but not going to hold my breath. I have a feeling it will be no fans for any preseason games. Then start season with 25% full each game, by mid season 50%  full, then 75%, and final few games and playoffs if looking good back to 100%. 

The NFL already said it will be fully up to each team and owner how they want to deal with fan attendance. They ONLY thing required by the NFL is the first 6 rows in the lower bowl will be empty and can be sold for advertisement banners. 

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