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Adam Schiff Censured

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52 minutes ago, Mike030270 said:

That's immature lol

They're children, and you can find them on both sides.

At least Adam won't be chairing any committees in the near future...oh wait, nevermind.:P

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Harlan Crow on collision course with Senate over Clarence Thomas gifts

Finance committee focusing on tax treatment of billionaire mega-donor’s gifts to supreme court justice



A lawyer for Crow admitted in a recent letter to Senator Ron Wyden, the Democratic chairman of the finance committee, that it was his understanding that expenses associated with luxury flights and yacht trips for Thomas were paid back to Crow’s "family entities” at rates "prescribed by law”.

But the lawyer – Michael Bopp, a partner at Gibson Dunn who specializes in representing clients in congressional and government investigations – did not provide any information about who made the payments, and when.

It is, for example, unclear whether the reimbursement payments were made by Crow himself or another party, and whether they were made contemporaneously or only after the lavish gifts became public.

Wyden has accused Crow of "stonewalling” basic questions about his gifts to Thomas and his family and said that Bopp’s most recent letter "raises more questions than it answers”. He has also said he is discussing next steps to compel Crow to respond fully to his questions, including by subpoena.

Schiff is definitely more important than say, Supreme Court Justices being bought and paid for.

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