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Philly teams GM thread


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Was reading a thread on Daryl Morey on Twitter, and then realized that Philly is currently in a golden era vis a vis professional sports teams GM's.  Solid GM's, in some cases executive of the year types.  Pretty impressive.

Eagles - Howie Roseman's work speaks for itself.  Plenty to be said in a different forum.

Phillies - Dave Dombrowski just wins wherever he's hired.  WS titles with the Marlins and Red Sox.  Pennants with the Phils and Tigers.  The guy is a stud GM.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the Phils can do this fall.

Sixers - Daryl Morey still has an incomplete grade.  But he was dealt a really bad hand with the Ben Simmons situation, and doesn't get enough credit for drafting Maxey.  He also inherited Doc Rivers.  Give this man time and space to work, and he is among the best GMs in basketball.  Just not elite in the way Howie and Dombrowski are.

Flyers - I've lost track of this team since Ed Snider turned over control of the team to his son.  Never have really been the same.  Not in a position to say much about Daniel Brière.  Sad to say, but the Flyers are really the red headed stepchild among Philly sports teams these days.  Let's hope the new GM can breathe life back into the organization.

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Here's my Morey conspiracy theory and prediction. it's based on what was reported and what he saw happen.

Daryl Morey is forbidden from being elite while he's here. Adam Silver is having none of that when it comes to the 76ers. They're only allowed to be a bottom tier playoff team. The Hinkie firing and the command to dump the extra assets for next to nothing, as ordered by Adam Silver, should tell this fan base all they need to know. Better be grateful and happy with topping out at second best. It's all you're gonna get from the NBA, and you better like it. 

I'd love nothing better in pro basketball than to see the 76ers build the most dominant team in the NBA and win a few titles because of it. However, after watching the team's ownership bend to knee to that pencil necked, waxy skinned, slimeball attorney, I just know they never will. The owners are cowards.

It's nearly impossible to build the #1 team in the NBA if your city is shunned by top tier FA's like Philadelphia is. To have the NBA commissioner actively take over executive and player personnel decisions for your franchise and drive them down into mediocrity on purpose, makes it absolutely impossible. As long as Adam Silver is the commissioner and the guys who surrendered to him, Harris& Blitzer are the owners, the only was the 76ers win it all is if the NBA fixes it for them to get one. I don't expect that to happen. There are other much more important franchises for Silver to take care of than those annoying 76ers.

Prediction: Morey will not prove to be an elite championship team builder while with the 76ers.


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Great GMs are swell, but are relatively meaningless without trophies in the case, and I don't mean division/conference trophies... I mean the trophies that matter.

Case in point:

Just last the city of Philadelphia sent FOUR teams to their respective championship games (Eagles, Phillies, Stars, and Union). In the end we came up 2nd place in all each league. Hardly memorable. Imagine how glorious of a time it would have been if all four teams won instead? Heck, I would have settled for 2. 

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For Briere, I would say he gets a good grade for now because he has been willing to embrace a full rebuild.  Whether we can say he's a good GM will have to wait a few years when we see how the rebuild is going.

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