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Eagles News: Brandon Graham was Philadelphia’s highest-graded player in 2022


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Eagles News: Brandon Graham was Philadelphia’s highest-graded player in 2022

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/9/23.

By Brandon Lee Gowton@BrandonGowton  Jul 9, 2023, 3:10pm EDT

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

2022 NFL Season Review: All 32 NFL teams’ highest-graded players and biggest surprises - PFF
Philadelphia Eagles. Highest-graded player: EDGE Brandon Graham (89.8). Graham played only 474 snaps this season, as the Eagles did a fantastic job of rotating their pass rushers. Plus, it’s easy to limit snaps for someone like Graham when you rotate him with Josh Sweat, Haason Reddick and Robert Quinn. But Graham finished the season as the No. 5 edge rusher in the league with a 22.9% win rate (fifth best in the NFL). Biggest surprise: EDGE Josh Sweat (86.6). Sweat was the seventh-highest-graded edge rusher this season, totaling 13 sacks on just 356 pass-rush snaps. He played only 587 snaps this season due to a heavy rotation on the defensive line and was still able to hit double-digit sacks.

Where are they now? P John Teltschik - PE.com
Just days after their Super Bowl XX victory, Bears defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan left Chicago by choice. Toward the end of Training Camp seven months later, John Teltschik, a rookie punter drafted by the Bears in the ninth round of the 1986 NFL Draft out of Texas, left Chicago after being released. Both ended up in Philadelphia. Ryan, as the Eagles’ new head coach. And Teltschik, hopeful of becoming the Eagles’ new punter after being claimed by them off waivers. "I just wanted to try to keep playing,” Teltschik says. "I felt like I could play, but Chicago stuck with the guy that they had and left me kind of holding the bag. And luckily, I was pretty excited when the phone rang.”

Execs, coaches, players rank NFL’s top 10 defensive tackles for 2023 - ESPN+
5. Javon Hargrave, San Francisco 49ers. Long underrated, Hargrave has been disruptive for years and finally has the cachet thanks to a four-year, $84 million free agency deal with San Francisco. Hargrave was a pivotal player in the Eagles’ NFC championship run in 2022. "He has natural leverage, quickness and power,” an NFL personnel director said. "That combo makes it hard for offensive guards and centers to really have a chance because he can vary his rush toward their weaknesses.” Hargrave ranked second among defensive tackles in pass rush win rate last season (17.6%), trailing Jones. He finished third in 2021. "He’s exactly what San Francisco needs up front,” an NFL personnel evaluator said.

Can Dak Prescott quarterback Cowboys to playoff success? - NFL.com
Unfortunately, he’s just 2-4 as a postseason starter (61-36 in the regular season). Prescott’s .333 playoff win percentage is the second-worst over the last 10 postseasons (among 23 quarterbacks with five-plus playoff starts), trailing just Alex Smith (2-5; .286). Picking nits on Prescott’s pair of playoff wins doesn’t bode well statistically, either. Prescott quarterbacked Dallas to playoff wins in the 2022 and 2018 seasons over the 8-9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and 10-6 Seattle Seahawks. The 18-15 combined record of those Prescott opponents adds up to the lowest opponent win percentage (.545) in playoff wins among 109 QBs to win multiple postseason contests in their career. Statistically speaking, the playoff deck is stacked against Dak.

3 impending free agents the Cowboys should re-sign now - Blogging The Boys
Tony Pollard. By now, many have come around to the notion that heavy investments in running backs often lead to disappointment and denial when the said investment is no longer fruitful. The most recent example was the Cowboys seeing Ezekiel Elliott decline before parting ways with the former fourth overall pick four years into a six-year, $90M deal. However, the Cowboys hold the upper hand regarding this situation with Pollard. While there’s no mistaking Pollard’s talent and explosive running, he is recovering from an injury, and the landscape for what running backs demand contractually has shifted. As was the case for Biadasz, Pollard price comes down to the market and the position he plays. Pollard’s counterparts, Josh Jacobs and Saquon Barkley, have yet to secure extensive contracts with their respective clubs. Like Pollard, both were offered the franchise tender for running backs, with neither choosing to sign in the hopes of securing a big payday with their teams. In Pollard’s case, there is mutual interest for both sides to agree, and it’s a matter of Pollard wanting the security that the running back market currently doesn’t offer. Pollard is 26 years old, and hopefully, the Cowboys have learned from their mistake of providing a running back with an unusually long contract as they did with Ezekiel Elliott. The team should sign Pollard to three years, $27M contract with $18M guaranteed.

John Michael Schmitz can end Giants’ struggles at center - Big Blue View
There’s an argument to be made that Schmitz is the most NFL-ready member of the Giants’ rookie class, and the most likely to have an immediate impact. His size and athleticism aren’t necessarily that of an elite player. However, he has proven his ability both as a run blocker and in pass protection. His high football IQ and well-developed technique should make his transition to the NFL an easy one. Schmitz’s experience with a zone run-blocking scheme should make him a good complement for Saquon Barkley’s quickness. He’s also already been working with Daniel Jones on potentially implementing a "dead ball” snap into the Giants’ offense. It’s a method where the center snaps the ball with his palm on the end of the football, sending it back to the quarterback without a spiral and allegedly reducing the room for error. That’s how Schmitz snapped the ball in college, though it’s new to Jones.

The 5 O’Clock Club: Player overs/unders for 2023 - Tight End edition - Hogs Haven
If you extrapolate the final 7 games of the 22 season over a 17-game schedule, Thomas was on pace for 58 receptions, 497 yards. It seems as if Eric Bieniemy is the right guy to tap Logan Thomas’s remaining potential with a tight-end friendly west coast offensive scheme that should also see Thomas and the other tight ends see plenty of red-zone opportunities.

‘Grids’ are Wordle for sports fans, and they’re incredible - SB Nation
Spend a few minutes on any one of the ever-increasing number of social media platforms and you’ll stumble across a grid — a simply nine-by-nine square full of athletes’ faces with prompts in the margins. They’re the sports game of the summer that’s sweeping the internet, and they are incredible. It began with "Immaculate Grid,” the MLB approach to the game. Launching in April of 2023, Immaculate Grids were everywhere by June. Now they serve as the perfect daily dose of baseball knowledge for the biggest sports nerds in the world — and I mean that in the most loving way.

Threads won’t kill Twitter if it’s boring - Vox
Threads, Instagram’s latest attempt at a "Twitter killer” app, launched on the evening of July 5, inviting the same question as every other app that has tried to capitalize on Elon Musk’s extremely mismanaged takeover of Twitter: Will this, finally, be the one to make Twitter irrelevant?


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