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C.J. Gardner-Johnson trashes Philly people, calls them 'f*****g obnoxious'


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C.J. Gardner-Johnson trashes Philly people, calls them 'f*****g obnoxious'

On a video game live stream, former Eagle C.J. Gardner-Johnson was asked what his least favorite thing about Philadelphia was. He said the people.

PhillyVoice Staff
Chauncey-Gardner-Johnson-EaglesERIC HARTLINE/USA TODAY SPORTS

Former Eagles defensive back C.J. Gardner-Johnson.

Talk about a bad breakup.

Former Eagles safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson shined when on the field for the team during the 2022 season, but left in free agency for Detroit back in March. There was the possibility for him to return, but there appeared to be a strain during contract negotiations, and that never came to fruition. 

On Wednesday night, while doing some video game live streaming, Gardner-Johnson was asked about his favorite and least favorite things from his time in Philly. His least favorite? Well, the people. Here's the video of what Gardner-Johnson had to say with a NSFW warning: 


"My least favorite thing is the people. They're f*****g obnoxious. I can't stand those f***ers," Gardner-Johnson replied to the question. He said that he actually liked the weather here and that was his favorite thing. I rarely leave city limits and made being from Philadelphia my entire personality, but I don't think I'd ever say I like the weather here.

To be fair, Gardner-Johnson's car was stolen after an Eagles playoff game back in January, so that would obviously leave a bitter taste in his mouth, but I still can't help but think there are some sour grapes here because the organization didn't re-sign him. 

Now, Gardner-Johnson didn't explicitly say that Eagles and Philly sports fans are obnoxious, but I think we can all get at what he's saying even if we may disagree with it. 

The Eagles are not scheduled to play the Lions this season, but with Detroit primed to be a team on the rise, perhaps they could find themselves at Lincoln Financial Field come next January. I'd like to see the reaction from the Eagles faithful if that happens.


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14 minutes ago, Cochis_Calhoun said:

There's a few Saints fans I know who say this is exactly what he was like after leaving them, the guy doesn't so much burn his bridges as nuke them from orbit.


Don't Call Me Surely - Imgflip


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