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Jalen Carter Giving Eagles Offensive Line Fits at Training Camp


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Jalen Carter Giving Eagles Offensive Line Fits at Training Camp

Former Georgia defensive lineman Jalen Carter is reportedly giving the Philadelphia Eagles offensive line fits at training camp as a rookie.

Yet another load of former Georgia football players is getting introduced to the professional football scene right now, and many are shaping up to be early contributors during their first season. One player that many have their eyes on for the upcoming season is defensive lineman Jalen Carter who was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the first round with the ninth overall pick. 

Several draft experts had Carter labeled as the best overall player in this year's draft class, and it was the Dawg-hungry Eagles who picked him up in the top ten. With the NFL season rapidly approaching, teams are well into their preseason training camps, and buzz is starting to get out about the rookies who are really showing out. Carter has been that player for the Eagles, and the first-year player is already wreaking havoc on defense. 

NFL veteran and five-time all-pro center Jason Kelce has been with the Eagles for his entire career since 2011, and he had a lot of good things to say about the Georgia rookie. In fact, Carter has performed so well at camp that the offensive line has been trying to figure out a scheme to maintain Carter's disruption.



"Jalen Carter, the way he's moving around. Already the guards are talking about different things to try and do against him... We're talking about him, I think I'll be interested to really look at the tape and see what it looks like," Kelce said while he met with the media. 

Even veteran defensive tackle Flecther Cox mentioned that you don't usually see rookies already doing the things that Carter has been doing at practice thus far. 

Over the last two draft classes, the Philadelphia Eagles have taken five former Bulldogs in the NFL draft, and this year they even traded for former Georgia running back D'Andre Swift during the draft. The franchise has really honed in on the product that Georgia is pumping into the league, and so far, it looks like it was a good business decision for them. 


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