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Eagle needs 2024 draft

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  • 1 - Corner, Are Jobe and Ringo the future starters?  Let's get some insurance.
  • 2 - Guard. Kelce retires, Jurgens moves to center and we need a starter.
  • 2- DL. We have young guys but will have to replace Fletchand BG
  • 3 - DL again. Lose 2 add 2.
  • 4 - Running back. Too high? Penny and Swift are in contract years. 
  • 5 - Tight end. Is Stoll really the quality backup we need?
  • 6 - T/G. Driscoll is on a contract year
  • 7 - Linebacker. one year deals abound on the current roster

Not sure we'll have additional picks but if we do - Safety and Punter will be needs 


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While it's certainly too early to tell and a lot of this will be contingent on how the 2022-2023 draft classes contribute to the team this year, but I think it's safe to say that the team will prioritize DE early in 2024.

Brandon Graham and Derek Barnett are both free agents this upcoming offseason and the Eagles could potentially move on from them both in 2024. That would leave Josh Sweat and Tarron Jackson as the starters at DE. I can see the team convince BG to come back one more year to groom whoever they draft in the 1st round, but it's not a given.

Yes, Fletcher Cox is an impending free agent as well, but we do have a talented trio of young IDL in Jalen Carter, Jordan Davis, and Milton Williams, to keep that part of the DL a strength. Losing Cox won't sting as much as losing Graham without an adequate replacement.

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We will probably continue the trend towards draft day moves, low-hanging fruit (UDFA, one year contracts) and one or two quality free agent starters, as needed.

The emphaisis will probably be towards drafting several areas where depth is critical (LB, TE, OL, DE).


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