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Ritchie on Eagles-Foles rumors: 'Fairytale that is not going to happen'


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Ritchie on Eagles-Foles rumors: 'Fairytale that is not going to happen'


Nick Foles is once again, somehow, the topic of conversation among Philadelphia Eagles fans on Friday, August 18th 2023.

Following Thursday's dreadful preseason performance by Eagles backup quarterback Marcus Mariota, who completed just 9 of 17 passes for 86 yards and an interceptions, Joe DeCamara continues to beat the drum for Philadelphia to bring back their 2018 Super Bowl legend.

"The big story is that the Eagles should sign Nick Foles," DeCamara said on Friday's 94WIP Morning Show.

"That is not the big story," Jon Ritchie argued. "That is a crazy story. That is your crazy story. This is a fairytale that is not going to happen. It would be too disruptive, first of all. Second of all, Nick Foles is no longer the quarterback he once was. Tanner McKee is a younger version of what Nick Foles can give you."

Most Eagles fans seem to agree with Ritchie.


Eliot Shorr-Parks is intrigued by the idea of bringing back Foles, as well.

Recently on a podcast with NBC Sports Philadelphia's John Clark, Foles said he is not technically retired and he wishes he could have stayed in Philadelphia his entire career.

The Eagles signed the 29-year-old Mariota to a one-year, $5 million contract this offseason. They also drafted 23-year-old Stanford quarterback Tanner McKee, who has played much better than Mariota this preseason and has likely earned himself a roster spot.

Foles, 34, bounced around and played on six different NFL franchises since his career began when he was drafted in the third round of the 2012 draft by the Eagles.

Foles started two games with the Colts last season, throwing four interceptions and zero touchdowns in those two games, both two score-plus losses.


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I wouldn't want Nick to come back and tarnish his Philly legacy... which really can't be tarnished, but I'd rather he not come back and fail in any way. However, if he were signed as a "Josh McCown" sort of emergency QB and not relied on as the primary back-up, maybe that could work. But I don't think he'd want to do that and it would likely be a big distraction.

But unless I see more from Mariota, I'd rather have a 'done' Nick Foles over a 'stinking up the field' Mariota. 

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I’m not dead against it but I don’t think there’s a lot of value in it as the back up. I just don’t think Foles would give this team much at this point in his career. But hey I’m sure most of us thought that before.

 What I would say in favour of it is that he brings experience and he’s achieved what only a few on this roster has.

 What does crack me up is the panic by people like ESP talking about how if hurts goes down that’s a major problem. Guess what ESP? That’s the case for most teams in the league. The teams who wouldn’t be as badly affected by losing their starting QB are those whose starter isn’t that good.

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