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Disgruntled Player List - Holdouts, Holdins, Trade Requests and Tags


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Chris Jones (DT KC) is still holding out. He recently said something along the lines of see you in week 8 and I can afford the fines.

Nick Bosa (DE SF) is holding in. I have no idea if he will play week 1 or start an actual holdout at that point.

Christian Wilkins (DT Miami) is holding in. Same as Bosa, no idea what he will do week 1.


Josh Jacobs (RB Vegas) has not signed his tag yet but has indicated that he will be there week 1 (99% sure this was reported)

He can stay away after week 1 without fines as long as he gets in by week 8. He gets 1/18th of the tag value for each week he is on the roster.

If the Raiders rescind the tag (they won't) he becomes and instant UFA.


Johnathan Taylor (RB Indy) has the sad feelings about his money, RB money in general, and mean old Jim Irsay making comments about RB money.

The Colts have allowed him to see that almost or exactly no one will both pay him and give the Colts a 1st round pick or equivalent.


Am I missing anyone?


FYI: The week 8 comment from Jones is probably in regards to you have to be on the roster for a certain number of weeks for this season to count and cancel out a contract year.

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Nick Bosa gets to keep his training camp fine money because you can still waive training camp fines if the payer is on a rookie contract. The 49ers waived the fines.


Its also a case of Schrodinger's Bosa right now as there are reports that:

  • They will have a deal in a few days
  • They are not close to a deal
  • They will trade him soon to an AFC contender.

Pick a rumor, I guess.


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Sad boy with a maybe fake back injury but maybe not a fake back injury went on the PUP list in Indy.

He wont be there for their 0-4 start

He could play with Indy when they go 2-13 to finish up 2-17 and lose out on the 1st pick in a tiebreaker with Arizona. (assuming AZ can actually win 2 games)

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4 hours ago, LacesOut said:

Regarding Bosa, where did you see/hear those 3 rumors??

I just Googled Nick Bosa rumors and they were all on the first page.

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