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The Fringe Bowl


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The Fringe Bowl

Posted: August 23rd, 2023 | Author: Tommy Lawlor 

For most guys, the Super Bowl is the biggest game of their lives. For players at the bottom of the roster, the preseason finale is their biggest game. We’ll call it the Fringe Bowl. Play well and you might get to keep a roster spot. Make mistakes and you’re headed for the real world. No player wants to trade his playbook for an employee handbook.

There are a few Eagles who will be under the spotlight on Thursday night.

Josh Sills – The Eagles clearly like Sills. They immediately brought him back after his acquittal. He was put on the backup OL. Sills played well last summer and probably made a good impression on the coaches during the year. Sills was up and down last week and needs a much better performance to secure a roster spot. He needs to be sound in pass protection and to get movement in the run game. No penalties or missed blocks.

Devon Allen – Speedy WR is finally healthy. He had some really good moments in the joint practice with the Colts. Allen needs to play well on STs and offense to make a push for a roster spot. The Eagles haven’t had any fringe WR really stand out this summer. Allen has elite speed and is a willing STer. That makes him a good fit for the bottom of the roster.

Jadon Haselwood – I thought Haselwood was a player to watching going into TC. He has flashed here and there, but not enough to make a strong case. Haselwood has an uphill battle to make the roster. He might need a good showing to make the practice squad.

Tyree Jackson – The Eagles love Jackson’s potential. He has looked really good at times in his career. Last week he had a 35-yard catch and run. Plays like that get your attention. Jackson has good size and is improving as a blocker. A good game from him could push the team to keep four TEs.

Kentavius Street – I had the veteran DT pegged as a lock going into camp. He is a proven pass-rusher and the Eagles have a big hole with the departure of Javon Hargrave. Street has looked solid in TC and the preseason, but I don’t think he’s played so well that he’s a lock at this point. Street’s future will be affected by Moro Ojomo’s health status. The Eagles love DL so a good game by Street could make him tough to cut.

Janarius Robinson – Robinson has good size and athleticism. There is a log jam at Edge, but the Eagles place a high value on pass rushers so Robinson has a legit chance to earn a spot. I thought he played well last week, showing quickness, agility and strength. He was disruptive. He needs another good game to help his cause.

Nick Morrow – The Eagles signed Morrow with the idea that he would be a starting LB. He hasn’t had a good TC and hasn’t really stood out in the games. The retirement of Myles Jack leaves a potential roster spot open at LB. Morrow won’t have it given to him. He must show something.

Ben VanSumeren – A project. But an athletic project who shows real potential. It wouldn’t shock me to see the Eagles decide to keep VanSumeren. Partly because of his potential, partly because typing his name drives me crazy. VanSumeren has played pretty well in the games. He could be a good role player and STer in the future. He must might be talented enough that you keep him around and let him develop. At the least, he should be on the practice squad.

Justin Evans – Evans has been getting reps with the starters in some practices. I don’t really understand that. He is talented, but I haven’t been impressed by his showing in the preseason games. He’s made coverage mistakes in each game. I don’t see a lot of upside with him. Evans is physical. He will hit and tackle. The coaches like something about him so a good game could help him win a roster spot. He’s actually somehow in the running to start.

Mario Goodrich – Josiah Scott was the backup slot last year. The Eagles wanted an upgrade. They moved Zech McPhearson inside, but he tore his Achilles last week. That opened the door for Goodrich. He’s played in the slot this year and has flashed in each of the games. He’s also looked good in the practices. Goodrich is 23 and still has upside. He’s the kind of DB you want to keep around. Goodrich needs a good game to find himself in a good situation.

Eli Ricks – Pick-6 Ricks showed playmaking ability this summer, in practice and the games. CB is a crowded position so Ricks has to play so well that the Eagles feel they can’t cut him. He’s not at that point right now.


Other players will be playing to try to impress the coaches and win key roles.

Sydney Brown could win a starting spot at safety. He’s played well this summer. Terrell Edmunds will also be making his case to start.

I might be delusional, but I still think Tanner McKee could push for the backup QB spot. McKee has been impressive in both games. If he has another strong showing, it could cause the coaches to finally see the light and realize McKee has outplayed Marcus Mariota this summer.



For the Colts game or someone to actually look at? We’ll see.


Character matters.


Williams slid in the draft due to character concerns. He was in trouble as a rookie and is in trouble again. Williams has serious talent, but he’ll struggle to reach his potential if he doesn’t avoid off-field trouble.


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