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Giants Steal a 1st Round Draft Pick for a 7th Round pick from the Cardinals

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Simmons is an odd bird - a LB/S tweener who needs Wink Martindale to figure out how to use him.  He may be a former first round pick.  We'll see if he's a good player or not.

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On 8/24/2023 at 4:08 PM, wrestlevessel said:

Jonathan Gannon must really hate us. WTF!


Former first round pick Isaiah Simmons coming to the Giants for a 7th round pick

Oh no! Hey, if the Giants end up being terrible this year, what will you even post about?

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40-0 - and I didn't care that it was Dallas that throttled the Giants.  So many cocky Giants fans, cocky without being warranted, got handed their plate of crow on a silver platter.  Darren Waller was going to be the team's savior, only now he's dealing with a hamstring injury.  Geniuses in NY didn't realize that the Raiders gave up on him for a reason.  Guy is oft injured and on the wrong side of 30.  Not a good combo.  :roll:


Darren Waller suggests a nerve issue is at the root of his hamstring injury

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