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Roster Prediction


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Roster Prediction

Posted: August 26th, 2023 | Author: Tommy Lawlor 

The Eagles need to decide on the 53-man roster by next Tuesday. This is a combination of players to win today and some talented players to develop for the future. There are numbers you’d like at each position, but things don’t always work out that way. Do you cut a talented CB to keep a mediocre LB just because you’re heavy on the back end and light in the middle? That’s dangerous. You always want to focus on talent. At the same time, you need enough depth to handle injuries and you need the right guys for STs. You’re looking for the right 53, not just the best 53.
The top 50 or so spots will likely be the same for just about everyone. It is the final few spots where things get challenging.


QB – 3 – Hurts, Mariota, McKee

There is no surprise with this group. The only question is if McKee will get a chance to win the backup job.

RB – 4 – Swift, Gainwell, Penny, Scott

The Trey Sermon era comes to an end. He didn’t show enough to make you want to keep five RBs. The other players have more talent and experience. We can debate how they’ll be used, but we know who the RBs will be.

WR – 5 – Brown, Smith, Watkins, Zaccheaus, Covey

I think the Eagles were hoping a backup receiver would emerge this summer. Didn’t happen. Devon Allen was hurt. Joseph Ngata had some good moments, but he lacks the quickness/agility to be an NFL receiver. Deon Cain flashed, but was too inconsistent. I hoped Jadon Haselwood would be the sleeper to emerge, but he didn’t make enough plays. Covey is back because of his ability as a PR.

TE – 4 – Goedert, Stoll, Calcaterra, Jackson

Jackson showed me enough that I think you want to keep him around. Watch the first play below. You see a big TE running smoothly and catching the ball on the move. Looks fluid and natural. That’s what you want in a TE. Can you figure out a way to use him? That’s the challenge.

OL – 9 – Mailata, Dickerson, Kelce, Jurgens, Johnson, Steen, F Johnson, Driscoll, Opeta

The starting five are set. Tyler Steen is the top backup. Jack Driscoll brings experience and versatility. The Eagles were impressed by Fred Johnson and just signed him to an extension. I went back and forth on Opeta, but the Eagles love a deep OL so keeping nine guys up front makes sense. Josh Sills just didn’t play well enough the past two weeks to earn a spot.


DL – 6 – Cox, Davis, Williams, Carter, Tuipulotu, Ojomo

This is an obvious group, assuming Moro Ojomo is healthy. If the Eagles have any concerns with him, they would keep Kentavius Street for the first few weeks.

Edge – 6 – Reddick, Sweat, BG, Smith, Barnett, Patrick Johnson

You can make an argument for keeping Janarius Robinson. Robinson showed flashes this summer, but I don’t think he won a spot. I’m guessing the Eagles will be able to put a couple of Edge players on the practice squad. Tarron Jackson is also a possibility there. Kyron Johnson just didn’t do enough to make the team.

LB – 3 – Dean, Cunningham, Elliss

I hate going light at LB. I went back and looked at the end of the 2022 season. The Eagles played with three active LBs (Edwards, White, Elliss). They went heavy on the edge. It doesn’t look right to me, but Nick Morrow had a less than spectacular summer. I do think people are overly down on him, but I didn’t see anything that makes you feel he’s got to be on this team. Cunningham did win a spot. He was terrific. Elliss played pretty well, but I still see him as more of a role player.

SAF – 4 – Blankenship, Edmunds, Brown, Evans

I re-watched part of the Colts game to take another look at Justin Evans. He played better than I realized. K’Von Wallace was okay, but the coaches like Evans. And he does have more experience (25 starts) and overall ability. Wallace should make it to the PS.

CB – 6 – Slay, Bradberry, Jobe, Ringo, Maddox, Ricks

I kept Eli Ricks over Mario Goodrich. Ricks showed more potential this summer and the Eagles do have a pair of aging corners on the outside. There is no natural backup to Maddox, but you should be able to get Goodrich or Josiah Scott on the PS in case they are needed.


ST – 3 – Lovato, Elliott, Siposs

The Eagles have a terrific LS and PK. They need a punter. Siposs has the job for now, but that will change as soon as the Eagles see who is cut and can find an upgrade.



  • Trey Sermon
  • Devon Allen
  • Joseph Ngata
  • Jadon Haselwood
  • Brady Russell
  • Julian Good-Jones
  • Josh Sills
  • Josh Andrews


  • Marvin Wilson
  • Janarius Robinson
  • Tarron Jackson
  • Nick Morrow
  • Ben VanSumeren
  • K’Von Wallace
  • Mario Goodrich
  • Mekhi Garner

I think they could look to add a DT to this mix. Noah Elliss would have been perfect, but he got hurt. The guys added recently aren’t compelling. Kentavius Street could get picked up by a team that is light at DT.


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