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Roster Construction/ST/PS Elevations

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At this point the P and/or the PR are PS elevations. Not necessarily a bad thing b/c (a) you didn't want to cut promising back of roster players (i.e. Goodrich, Ricks, Ojomo) who could've been claimed and (b) inevitable early injuries early  will open up spots on the 53 for the P and/or PR. However many of the "protected" players won't be gameday active roster, and the 53 man roster construction (light at LB and DE) means that they'll be at a disadvantage on ST early in the year. Here's why:

With PS elevations for the P and PR, that means 8 gameday deactivations. Taking a stab at those 8:

Goodrich or Brown

The only returning "core" STers are P. Johnson, Elliss, Jobe and B. Scott. And keep in mind last years STs stunk

The gameday active backup OL and DTs can't play on the "core" STs (return and coverage teams), nor can Quez, Penny or Swift. Others aren't suited to certain team (i.e. TEs won't be on the KO team). So here's whose left for your "core" STers, which isn't exactly an inspiring group.

Nolan Smith (rookie)
Barnett (has never played "core" ST)
Evans or Edmunds (whichever is S3) 
Goodrich or Brown (1st year player/rookie)

They're gonna have to use starters on many of STs,and even then, only certain ones have played STs - Reed, Dean, Maddox and maybe S2. That's a huge risk.

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I think Opeta will be active on game days. They usually dress eight offensive linemen and you need three backups for that. Driscoll, Steen, and Opeta. Though I think it's possible that Steen could be the odd man out early in the year in favor of Fred Johnson.

It's possible that Street would be active of Marlon Tui because he could possibly play some end.

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If they activate an 8th OL, who gets deactivated? It would have to be someone that you'd be counting on to play all 4 "core" ST, and they're mighty thin there already.

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