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To The Point

Posted: August 31st, 2023 | Author: Tommy Lawlor 

There are a lot of reasons the Eagles are expected to be a good team and Super Bowl contender. In a time where there is a constant demand for more content, you can find all kinds of analysis and coverage.

Sometimes I appreciate when people get to the point. From NFL.com:

Why Gregg Rosenthal chose the Eagles (to win the NFC East): The Eagles have the best combination of offensive and defensive lines in football. Jalen Hurts is their quarterback. Let’s not overcomplicate things here.

Boom. So simple and so dead on the money.

NFL.com polled writers and analysts. The Eagles got 24 votes to win the division. Dallas got 10. I know predictions don’t mean a thing, but I will never tire of reading about the Eagles being picked over the Cowboys.


Let’s try that analysis on something else.

Why the Pulitzer committee will choose Jimmy Bama to win: He uses nouns and verbs. And he draws pictures. Let’s not overcomplicate things here.



The Eagles have filled out their practice squad.

WR Devon Allen
WR Greg Ward
WR Joseph Ngata
WR Britain Covey

TE Brady Russell

OL Brett Toth
OL Julian Good-Jones
OL Le’Raven Clark

DT Thomas Booker

Edge Tarron Jackson

LB Kyron Johnson
LB Ben VanSumeren

SAF Tristin McCollum

CB Tiawan Mullen
CB Mekhi Garner

P Arryn Siposs

Keep in mind that this group has multiple functions. First is providing depth for the current team. If there is an injury, you can call someone up. The PS is also important for player development. You get to keep guys around and let them learn without having to take up a roster spot.

We tend to overlook the fact the PS guys are important for practice. That’s why there are so many OL/DL/WR/DBs on the PS and roster. You need to be able to roll guys in and out as you prepare for games.

Some misc points…

  • Greg Ward is legally required to be on the PS. Eagles didn’t have an option.
  • Russell could be a really good practice player. I get the feeling he does everything at 100 mph.
  • JGJ can snap so he’ll play a lot of center in practice.
  • Who does Jeff Stoutland love more, Mrs. S or Le’Raven Clark? He’s the Greg Ward of the OL.
  • I liked Booker coming out of Stanford. Might remind you of Moro Ojomo in terms of size, length and skill set.
  • The PS is perfect for VanSumeren. Let him spend the year learning and practicing and he might be a good role player in 2024.
  • Mullen is a nickel. Had some great years at Indiana and showed some playmaking ability.

I’m fine with this group.



The Eagles are still trying to figure out what they want to do at punter.

Somebody call Sean Landeta.



Sad to hear about this. Gil stayed active around the game as long as he could. He genuinely loved football. He’s one of the reasons I became so interested in the draft and evaluating players. He loved finding talent and was creative and aggressive about it. He would check out basketball players and track guys at a time when a lot of scouting was still in the dark ages. Gil would draft from any school. He didn’t care if you were the Heisman winner from Pitt (Tony Dorsett) or an older guy from Navy (Roger Staubach) or a DL from Elizabeth City State (Jethro Pugh – started for 14 years and won 2 SBs). Gil focused on talent and built Dallas into a machine.

After he was out of the league, he embraced a role in the media and was able to share his love of football and the draft with everyone.

Absolute legend. RIP.


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