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Graham: 'Message has consistently been last year does not matter'


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Graham: 'Message has consistently been last year does not matter'


Brandon Graham and James Bradberry joined Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie on Tuesday's 94WIP Morning Show, as they get ready for what is expected to be a very exciting and promising Eagles 2023 season.

BG talks about the message entering the year coming off of a Super Bowl loss last season.

"That was pretty much the whole message this offseason, it's like it don't matter what we did last year," Graham said Tuesday. "It's about going out and proving that this team, this year can focus on that mentality of taking care of your business one day at a time. Let's take care of practice, let's have a great one today and then we will worry about tomorrow when it comes."

Ritchie asked Bradberry why this team is better than last year's team.

"That's hard to say right now," Bradberry admitted. "We just finished training camp, I feel like we're still trying to get our chemistry back. Of course we got new guys at new positions. I am hoping that we're better than the team that we were last year, but we was a really good team last year and I don't even want to put those expectations on us right now. But I feel like we do have the talent, but we have to continue to piece it together."

Both Graham and Bradberry are participating in this year's Eagles radiothon, aiming to raise money for the Eagles' Autism Foundation. You can bid on their items, like joining BG courtside for a Sixers game, bowl with Bradberry and Avonte Maddox, have a boat day with Bradberry, and more here.


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