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**OFFICIAL** Biden impeachment inquiry thread

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52 minutes ago, mr_hunt said:


Who cares what the janitor thinks?  Why don't they ask the man in the suit?

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1 hour ago, The_Omega said:

Over/under on how soon another indictment of Trump is announced to take the focus off of this news?

He’s got to deal with 4 criminal indictments.  Impeachment is child’s play at this point.

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15 minutes ago, Alpha_TATEr said:

hey, stop that fat slob shaming right now, sir. 

I got a dad bod and right now I'm wearing paint stained shorts and a "I need more of that jingle bell" tee shirt.  I'm allowed to make fat slob jokes.

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Senate GOP says House lacks evidence for impeachment

Senate Republicans say the House GOP doesn’t appear to have enough evidence to pursue impeachment proceedings against President Biden and are skeptical about the prospect of setting up an inquiry with multiple committees already investigating the president and his son, Hunter Biden.  


Representative James Comer on Tuesday admitted again that he has no basis for his investigation into President Joe Biden. 


Asked if there's enough evidence to impeach Biden, Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.), another member of the Senate GOP leadership team, replied: "I do not.

Republican Congressman Accidentally Admits There’s No Proof of Biden Corruption

Representative Nick Langworthy tried to defend Republicans’ Biden investigation, and ended up rejecting their main talking point instead.

"Well, we’ve never claimed that we have direct money going to the president, 


GOP Senator Admits Republicans Don’t Care if Accusations Against Joe Biden Are "Accurate”

But it seems the actual evidence doesn’t matter all that much. Speaking on Fox News Thursday morning, Senator Chuck Grassley said that Republicans are only interested in making sure the FBI complies with the investigation. "We aren’t interested in whether or not the accusations against Vice President Biden are accurate or not,” he said.


Republican Inquiry Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Biden

The report delivered on Wednesday appeared to be little more than a rehashing of unproven allegations 

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