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Dec 10 @Dallas


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Aloha Everyone,

I am flying to arlington in december from Hawaii to see the Eagles play the cowboys,

Does anyone know of it is possible to get to the stadium early and wait for the players to arrive to get autographs???

I have the christmas album and a Hurtz Jersey that I want to get autographed. Is it possible to wait outside At & T Stadium to ask for autographs and if so where do the players enter the stadium from? Any info will help. Im a apprentice construction and this is a lifelong and once in a lifetime experience for me. I want to make the most of this oppurtunity. I bought a Mexican nacho libre mask that has the Eagles on each side of the mask and its green white and gold. Lol like a Philidelphia Ray Mysterio. Ill also have my Eagles hardhat on and cant wait to be at Row 6 C137!!!!! Any information about this appreciated!! Please help!!


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