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Eagles Give Siposs the Boot


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Eagles Give Siposs the Boot

Posted: September 18th, 2023 | Author: Tommy Lawlor 

Arryn Siposs is a good enough NFL punter that he’s been in the league for three seasons now. He wasn’t good enough to keep his job with the Eagles.


Nick Sirianni admitted the team wanted a better option. They liked what they saw from Braden Mann in a recent workout and decided to give him a chance. Mann can be elevated from the PS three times before he must be added to the roster. That gives him three games to show he deserves the full-time job. If not, back to the drawing board. The Eagles could always bring back Siposs since he’s got one more PS elevation left.

Punter isn’t a critical position for a team with a high-powered offense. But not every game will be a shootout and getting good punts can be important in key situations. That could mean a few more yards, better location or more hang time. Let’s hope we’re blinded by the light of Mann’s punting.


Brian Johnson has gotten some criticism for the Eagles slow start on offense this year. He’s a new OC so it is easy to make a correlation between that and the struggles. I think there are other factors that are more important, but Johnson could be part of the problem.

That said, let’s make sure we give him credit for embracing the run game on Thursday night. A lot of young OCs want to show how smart they are by slinging the ball around and being creative. Johnson was content to run the ball over and over. The Vikings played a soft front and dared the Eagles to run. Johnson took them up on the dare. It isn’t just young coaches who can struggle with that. Bill Belichick dared Mike Martz to run the ball back in Super Bowl XXXVI. The Rams threw 44 passes and only ran 22 times. They lost 20-17. Kudos to Johnson for being smart.

The Eagles didn’t run the ball as much vs NE because the Pats have a much better front seven and played the run better. The coaches and players have to fix the passing game because they won’t always be able to do what they did vs the Vikings.



We’re too early into 2023 to know anything definitively. The injuries this year have been odd. Rib injuries to multiple players? There isn’t any protection for that. A concussion for Bradberry? No protection for that.

I think Sirianni’s style is more about limiting hamstrings, calf injuries and other things that involve wear and tear. The Eagles still seem to be good in those areas.

The fact the Eagles reached the Super Bowl with their entire starting lineup last year means I’m going to trust Sirianni until I have concrete evidence to the contrary. And I sure hope we don’t get that this year.

There is no disputing the fact that there are more injuries to this point.



Bonehead move by Nick not to do this. Glad he was asked about it and admitted the mistake. I love the fact his brother was giving him a hard time for the blunder. That was such an obvious decision. Shocked me when he didn’t do it.


The NFC East is off to an interesting start. The Giants looked like the worst team in the league for the first six quarters. They came alive in the second half in Arizona and won 31-28. I know you’re shocked that a Jonathan Gannon defense would disappear in the second half. In Arizona, no less. Could be costly for the Giants. Saquon Barkley sprained his ankle and will miss this week. They think he will miss 3 games.

Washington is 2-0. They needed to come from behind to beat the hapless Cardinals and a mediocre Broncos team. Still, this is their first time to go 2-0 since 2011.

Dallas is the best team in the league right now. Some of you won’t like me making that statement, but it is a fair assessment after two weeks. Dallas is one of those teams that is amazing when things click, but can crashing back to reality very quickly.

Micah Parsons is the best player in the league this year. The offense started to click on Sunday vs the Jets. Their STs can make plays. I still don’t trust that team or Mike McCarthy so I’m not bothered by a strong start for them. January has been their kryptonite for a long time.



A lot of people want the Eagles to make a move. I certainly get that. Let’s see what they do. The first choice is almost always to look at your own roster. Those guys know the scheme and have been in place. You want to try them first.

Howie Roseman isn’t shy. If he thinks there is a better option elsewhere that makes sense, he will go get that guy, be it via signing or trade.

Bradberry is still in concussion protocol so Mario Goodrich may get a chance for his first NFL start. Or maybe the Eagles will try one of the safeties in there. You know Sirianni loves to keep this stuff secret as long as possible.


More of this please.

Sweat has developed into an absolute monster.


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