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Fan dies at Pat’s stadium after fight


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This fighting at games needs to stop.  It’s out of control.  Under reported but there are all out brawls at literally every sporting event these days.  People need to learn to control themselves.  No game is worth leaving your family without a father.  Grow up people!


if you do a quick google you’ll find the video of the punch that ultimately ended this guys life. 

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15 minutes ago, Uscg-green said:

According to the media, Eagles fans are the only fans on the planet who fight so this must be a mistake.

We do get the worst of it.  But it’s bad everywhere.  I don’t even wanna go to game anymore because of the drunken idiots.  Maybe I’m getting old.  But the fun is sucked out of it these days.  
even concerts - look at how many videos of retards throwing random crap at performers. Why?  The only place where I never see this stuff happening ironically is rock concerts/festivals where everyone takes care of each other.  Mosh pits look like chaos to outsiders but that’s the closet thing to family you’ll get without being blood.  Never worry at those events.  Take my kids, no problem.  But stupid people at Phillies games, or football games starting fights is just ridiculous.  

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It is really pathetic. I used to enjoy going to games. I expect some trash talk, especially when you're a visitor at another stadium.

But its become so vile, so toxic and frankly, I would hesitate to take kids to a game.

Bad enough the price of going to a game is as high as it is, but the fact that your life could possibly be in jeopardy, is unacceptable.

And yes, it happens everywhere. I flew out for the Broncos Jets game in Denver last year and there were some fans (both sides) who just couldn't help acting like a bunch of idiots.

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