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Any free (or cheap) options for viewing in Alaska?

Uncle Denali

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Anybody know of streaming options for viewing games? I live in Alaska and have a need to view every Eagles game, shy of paying $70.00 a month for 24 months for satellite, and I don't have cable, but I do have Fire TV. Any ideas?

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1 minute ago, 20dawk4life said:

@VaBeach_Eagle uses or used Playstation and a VPN I think. He can tell you more about it I'm sure. 

I didn't actually use my PS3 to watch. I did use PSVue, while it still existed though. I used that in conjunction with my PC and my Roku, though. 

The way I've done it since PSVue was discontinued though, was by subscribing to Fubo and by using my VPN (Windscribe). Windscribe has Philadelphia servers, so I've been able to make Fubo think that I'm in Philadelphia, but if there's a game in another city that I want to watch, and assuming that Windscribe has servers in that region, I just switch the VPN to that city/region and then start Fubo and 'poof', I'm seeing the local channels in that city, so I get the game that I wanted. 

This season, I may try some other services, like Hulu or some others and see if their services may be better than Fubo. 

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