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We Are...Penn State!

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2 hours ago, Swimm said:

Ugly game.. But that call at the end was inexcusable. That ball was clearly out of bounds and rolling against the ground before it even touches the pylon.  


Then again we had a chance to put them away if Devyn Ford went down instead of crossing the goal line for the touchdown, giving Indiana a chance to tie the game.  

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On 10/24/2020 at 6:55 PM, Talkingbirds said:

It’s like watching the Eagles 

It's worse. The Eagles have won something in the last 5 years. Franklin is a nice guy but he gotta go.

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Chris Fowler said something interesting this morning. He said the Happy Valley crowd has gone from reserved (when he was a kid) to "the best in college sports.”

I’ve noticed the exact same thing. Growing up I was shocked by the lack of crowd noise on game days. Now the atmosphere is electric.

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