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Happy Diwali


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5 minutes ago, mikemack8 said:

Am I the only one that had to google what the eff diwali is?

Pretty much. Try getting a little culture, bro.

If we know what Christmas is, you honkeys figure out what Diwali is.

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6 minutes ago, we_gotta_believe said:

I didn't know what it was until we moved here 10 years ago. I then asked a co-worker who explained the back story. Something about a princess being freed after having been locked away in a tower. Or I might be confusing it with the plot of shrek. 

We light lamps to celebrate a King's return after victory in battle, from what I remember.

I'm not a very good Hindu. We got money, so it was basically Indian Christmas when I was a kid. But my parents wanted us to feel American, so we celebrated Christmas too. Double win.

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